Chhattisgarh Class 9 English Beautiful Blue Planet Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 English Beautiful Blue Planet Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 9 English Solution for Unit 1 Reading B Chapter Beautiful Blue Planet all Questions Answer. Beautiful Blue Planet Class 9 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.


Reading B

Beautiful Blue Planet


I.) Answer the following questions.

1.) In what sense have the expressions ‘Beautiful-Blue’ and ‘Pretty-Planet’ been used by the poet?

Answer: The expressions ‘beautiful-blue’ and ‘pretty-planet’ are used to refer that our planet is filled with beauty. Since most of the part is covered in water it is given the named of beautiful blue. Water makes the planet blue and gives a kind of beauty. Nature on the planet makes it beautiful.


2.) What lessons has nature taught us? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Nature has taught us many things. It teaches us how to give others without expecting in return. It has taught us take care of ourselves and others too.


3.) Suppose that you are the Beautiful-Blue planet. Human beings have caused several problems for you. List out the problems that the makers of the planet face.

(River) I cannot flow freely. People throw garbage into us.


(Trees)- I cannot grow properly. People cut me down for their use.


(Air)- I cannot reach properly as people pollute me .


(Birds)- We cannot fly freely


(Animals)- We have no food to eat in the plains. People kill us for their enjoyment or other purpose.


(Soil)- We are getting mixed with other harmful materials.


4.) Who are the ‘next caretakers’?

Answer: The ‘next caretakers’ will be the protectors of the beautiful blue.


II.) List in the Table below the changes that have taken place in different aspects of nature and environment around us.

Features How were they before? How are they now?
The oceans Beautiful- blue Black-With-Oil
The forests There was rain forest in abundance Ground is a sickly brown.
The clouds Held Fresh-Water Filled with Acid-Rain.
The plains Overflowing-With-Grain Barren-With-Erosion
The air Easy to breathe The air is Impossible to-Breathe.
Care for nature and the earth Caring and smart Carless and less smarter
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