Chhattisgarh Class 6 English The Sun Goes On A Holiday Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Board Class 6 English The Sun Goes On A Holiday Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 6 English Solution for Lesson 2 The Sun Goes on a Holiday all Questions Answer. The Sun Goes On A Holiday Class 6 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.




Reading Comprehension

Answer the following questions:

1.) When the Sun took a holiday what did the following do? Complete the table.


1. Little plant It searched for the sun and couldn’t grow without the Sun’s rays.
2. Flowers & leaves They bent low to the ground.
3. Trees They missed the sun.
4. Mother bird She peeped out of her nest and whispered to its little ones about the darkness.
5. Bee It couldn’t find any honey because the flowers didn’t bloom. It went back to its hive.
6. Men, women & children They stopped working and prayed the sun to rise.


2.) Give the words used in the story for ‘home’.

a.) Nest

b.) Hive

c.) Abode


3.) What did the Sun feel when he looked down?

a.) The sun felt sorry.

b.) The sun was very sad.

c.) The sun felt that the earth seems lifeless without it.


4.) The author said that everyone began to work on the earth because

The sun decided to stop its holiday and start shining again.

Everything went to the normal again.


Vocabulary – 

Write the opposites of the given words in the beehive. One is done for you.

1.) High X low

2.) Take X give

3.) All X none

4.) Disappear X appear

5.) Rise X fall

6.) Out X in

7.) Happy X sad

8.) Here X there

9.) Come X go

10.) Kind X unkind

11.) Down X up

12.) Open X close

13.) Dark X light

14.) Still X moving

15.) Much X little

16.) Gain X lose

17.) Start X end

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