Chhattisgarh Class 6 English Jagatu The Gardener Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Board Class 6 English Jagatu The Gardener Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 6 English Solution for Lesson 10 Jagatu The Gardener all Questions Answer. Jagatu The Gardener  Class 6 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.


Lesson 10 – Jagatu The Gardener


Reading Comprehension

A.) Answer the following questions:


1.) What did Jagatu see in the garden one night?

Answer: One night Jagatu saw a large elephant descending from the sky.


2.) Why did Jagatu hide behind the tree?

Answer: Jagatu heard a loud noise and hid himself behind the tree in fear.


3.) What was the name of the elephant?

Answer: The name of the elephant was Airavata.


4.) What did the elephant do in the garden?

Answer: The elephant ate fruits and roots that grew in the garden.


5.) Where did Jagatu spend the whole day?

Answer: Jagatu spent the whole in the heaven.


6.) What did Jagatu bring from heaven?

Answer: Jagatu brought betel-leaves (pan-patta) and some betel-nuts (supari) form the heaven.


7.) What did Jagatu’s wife ask him?

Answer: Jagatu’s wife asked where he had been.


8.) What did the villagers do?

Answer: When Jagatu’s wife told her friends about her husband’s visit to the heaven, the villagers also wanted to go to the heaven. The villagers got behind Jagatu and caught its tail. They held one another in a queue.


9.) Why did they tumble down?

Answer: When Jagatu spread his hands to show the size of the nut, he lost his grip on the elephant’s tail and this is how all of them tumble down.


B.) Say if the following statements are right or wrong:

1.) Jagatu was not amazed to see the elephant. Wrong

2.) He had seen such an elephant earlier. Wrong

3.) Jagatu’s wife asked him to bring more betel-leaves. Wrong

4.) The villagers were eager to go to heaven. Right

5.) Airavat was a heavenly animal. Right



A.) Match the words in A with their opposites in B.

Ascend Descend
Enormous Small
Picking Dropping
Depart Arrive
Employed Unemployed


B.) Choose the appropriate words from the box and fill in the blanks.

1.) The new employee in our office works sincerely.

2.) The African elephants are the most enormous elephants in the world.

3.) Why do you insist on me to complete this exercise today?

4.) Climb these steps and you will be on the top floor.


C.) Make some meaningful words from ‘Elephant’ as has been done in the case of ‘Gardener’:

Elephant         –

1.) Ant

2.) Tap

3.) Pant

4.) Lent

5.) Plate

6.) Heat

7.) Eat

8.) Ate

9.) Help

10.) Leap


D.) Pick out the words from the text and put them in the appropriate column below. Also add three more words in each column:

Words ending in ‘–er’ Words ending in ‘–r’
garden + er = gardener manage + r = manager
Sing + er = Singer Dance + r = Dancer
Clean + er = Cleaner Write + r = Writer
Paint + er = Painter Drive + r = Driver
Sing + er = Singer Village + r = Villager
Carpent + er = Carpenter Bake + r = Baker



A.) Read the following sentence carefully:

As soon as she saw him coming, she ran to meet him. Now frame similar sentences with the help of the table given below


1.) As soon as the teacher entered the class, the children stood up.

2.) As soon as the teacher entered the class, the children wished her.

3.) As soon as the teacher entered the class, the children said, ‘Good morning.’

4) As soon as the teacher entered the class, the children became silent.

5) As soon as the teacher entered the class, the children opened their books.


B.)Look at the pictures and complete the sentences:

1.) As soon as the thief saw the police, he tried to run away.

2.) As soon as it started to rain, the players stopped playing.

3.) As soon as the girl saw her father, she ran to hug him.

4.) As soon as the sun rose, the birds flew happily.

5.) As soon as the coolies saw the train, they ran to the passengers.



Arrange the following dialogues in a proper sequence. Write them in your note-books. The first one is done for you.

Crane : Why do you look sad ?

Tortoise : There is no water in the pond.

Children : Hey ! Look at the tortoise !

Crane : We will take you along with us where there is water.

Tortoise : How ?

Crane : We will hold the two ends of a stick in our mouth. You also hold the same stick in the middle.

Tortoise : That’s a fine idea.

The tortoise opened its mouth to speak and fell down.



A.) Listen to the sentences carefully and write the sentences number in the space provided in the picture: See Appendix 1 Lesson – 10

2                                  1                                  5


3                                  6                                  7


4                                  8

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