Chhattisgarh Class 4 English Sundari Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Class 4 English Sundari Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 4 English Solution for Lesson 15 Sundari all Questions Answer. Sundari Class 4 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.

Lesson 15 Sundari

II.) Read and write

(A) Answer these questions :

1.) Who made Sundari?

Answer: Bobby made Sundari.

2.) Why did Bobby call his kite Sundari?

Answer: Because she was beautiful.

3.) Did Sundari fly very high at first? Why?

Answer: No, because a dog was holding her tail in his mouth.

4.) What made Sundari really happy?

Answer: The time when she started flying high.

5.) Why did Bobby let Sundari go?

Answer: Because Sundari wanted to fly up in the air as high as she can.


(B) Write whether it is ‘True’ or ‘False’ :

1.) Sundari is the name of Bobby’s sister.

Answer: False

2.) Bobby made the kite.

Answer: True

3.) Bobby was flying the kite standing on his roof.

Answer: False

4.) Bobby was flying the kite with his sister.

Answer: False

5.) The kite could not fly because a dog held its tail in hismouth.

Answer: True

6.) ‘Puff’ is the sound made by the kite.

Answer: False

7.) ‘Wheee’ is the sound made by the wind.

Answer: False


IV.) Let’s talk

1.) Do you like to fly kites?

Answer: Yes

2.) Do you make your own kite or buy from a shop?

Answer: I prefer buying them

3.) Who helps you to fly kites?

Answer: My dad


V.) Vocabulary

(A) This is the picture of a kite. Describe how it looks.use the given words :

colourful         long     tail       high     fly

This kite is very colourful it has a longtail and it can fly very high

(B) Write opposites :

1.) high —low

2.) near — far

3.) long — short

4.) happy — sad

5.) first — last


(C) Fill in the blanks with the correct word :

tried, wind, kite, string, leaped up, smiling, flew, tugged, space

I bought a kite yesterday. I made a smiling face on it. I went into open space. I tried to fly it. The wind came and it leaped up in the air. It tugged hard. I let go off the string and it flew up and up and up.


VI.) Structures in context

(A) Read the sentences and place the adjectives in the correct places.

1.) Sundari was a kite. (beautiful)

Answer: Sundari was a beautiful kite

2.) Bobby looked for space. (open)

Answer: Bobby looked for open space

3.) Merry-go-round was playing a tune. (happy)

Answer: Merry go round was playing a happy tune

4.) A dog was holding on to her tail. (little, long)

Answer: A little dog was holding on her long tail.

5.) Boys and girls were sitting on the animals of merry-go-round.. (wooden)

Answer: Boys and girls were sitting on the wooden animals of merry-go-round

6.) Sundari was a kite. (big red,white and blue)

Answer: Sundari was a big red white and blue kite.


(B) Sort out all doing words from the story and writethem with their three forms :

Make, made, made

Call, called, called

Take, took,taken


(C)Fill the grid with verbs from the story :



VII.) Activity

Write your name and write a word for the each letterwhich you find in your name. The word youuse, it muststart with the same letter.

S- slow

A – Aero-plane

T- Telephone

I- Intelligent

S- Snow

H- Hen


VIII.) Fun time

Have you ever visited a fair ? Look at the picture. Speak and write about it in your own words.

Yes, I have visited a fair. In this picture, there are people buying different things and kids are riding merry-go-round,there are types of rides etc.

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