Chemical properties or chemical reaction acid

Chemical properties of acid Or chemical reaction of acid:

  • Acid are sour in taste.
  • Acid are corrosive in nature.
  • Acid react metal to yield hydrogen gas.
  • Acid change the colour blue into red by litmus paper.
  • Acid react with base to loss their acidity and produce salt.
  • Acid produce H+ ion when acid mix with water.
  • Acid change the pink colour of phenolphthalein to colourless.
  • Acid can conduct electricity.
  • Some acid are highly corrosive in nature that is they corrode or rust metal.

Chemical reaction of acid

  • Reaction with Metal:

By the reaction of acid and metals ,  Salt and Dihydrogen gas are form.

  • Acid like dilute HCl and dilute H2SO4react with active metal like zinc ( Zn) , Iron (Fe)

Etc. To form salt and form hydrogen gas.

Metal + Dilute Acid —> Salt + Hydrogen gas

  • Acid React with metal Carbonate and Hydrogen carbonate :

i) When dilute Hydrochloric Acid react with sodium carbonate then sodium chloride, carbon dioxide and water are from.

Sodium carbonate + Dilute Hydrochloric Acid —>  Sodium chloride + Carbon dioxide + Water

ii) When dilute hydrochloric Acid react with sodium hydrogen carbonatethen sodium chloride, carbon dioxide and water are form.

  • Reaction with metal oxide:

Acid react with calcium  oxide react with hydrochloric Acid to form salt and water.

  • Test for carbon dioxide:

When Carbon dioxide gas is pass through lime water it turn milky due to the formation white precipitate of CaCO3.

  • Acid react with base (or Alkali) :

When acid react with base or alkali to form salt and water.

The reaction between an  acid and a  base to form salt and water are called Neutralization reaction.

Acid +  Base    —–>   Salt +  Water

Question Answer:

1) Write the general properties of acid?

2) What happened when metal react with acid?

3) What happened when acid react with metal carbonate and sodium hydrogen carbonate?

4) What is Neutralization reaction?

5) What happened when acid react with metal oxide?

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