Centrifugation is a method which can separate the solid particle from liquid. A small tiny solid particle which can pass through sieve or filtration technique also this kind of minute particle can separate through centrifugation.

Centrifugation machine is one kind of our kitchen mixer.

Due to rotational motion heavier particle can settle down in bottom and lighter particle is present on top of solution.

Centrifugation helps to separate that solution.

This process is only used when insoluble small solid particle present in mixture.

Centrifugation machine containing rotator tubes where we can place our mixture. When we start this machine with the help of battery or electrical support it starts rotating and applying centrifugal force on that liquid mixture. Due to this centrifugal force heavier particle can separate them easily.

Question 1) Give example of centrifugation process.

Answer- Separating butter from milk, separating plasma from blood.

Question 2) which force is applied in this principle.

Answer – Centrifugal force.

Question 3) what is centrifugal force.

Answer- when any things is rotating in circular direction it can be pushes away from center on that circular disc. That movement is called as centrifugal force.

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