• What is Cell ?

Cell is the basic unit of life . The new life begin from single cell. As like complete building is made up of by joining small small bricks in the  same way complete body of an living organism is made up from lots of cells .Some organism is made from one cell while some are made from infinite cell.

  • Structure of Cell :

a) Shape of the cell is not definite but it is usually round , elongated or sperical in shape .

b) The outer thin covering of the cell which protect the cell inner material is called cell membrane .It works like a wall that’s why it is also known as cell wall.

c) In the cell membrane ,the Nucleus is present which see all the activity of the cell i.e it’s growth , genetic information , etc . Nucleus is the head of the cell and it is round in shape .

d) The cell is filled with fluid like material which is called  Cytoplasm .The cytoplasm is present in between the cell membrane and Nucleus .It helps for being  separated all the material present in the cell.

  • Uses of the cell:

1.) Cell give life to living organism.

2.) Cell helps to give definite shape to organism.

3.) Cell give energy to living organism.

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