Cell Cycle MCQs with Answers

Cell Cycle MCQs

Hello students, the topic for the next MCQ is ‘Cell cycle’. There are a lot of life cycle occurs in the body of organisms. We know how the small organisms are modified into large organisms and also some organisms go through different transformations. All this processes are possible because of cell divisions and cell cycles. We also know, all the organisms do start their life with a single cell. So, how this happens and how a single cell creates a large organism.

Let’s check following MCQs more updates.

MCQ.1): In the prokaryotes, the cell cycle occurs by the process of ………………………………………….

a) Binary fission

b) Glycolysis

c) Gametes formation

d) Sperms

MCQ.2): Which of the following is the first phase within interphase?

a) G1 Phase

b) G2 Phase

c) G3 Phase

d) G4 Phase

MCQ. 3): During which phase formation of 20 amino acid and production of proteins occurs?

a)G2 Phase

b)G1 Phase


d)G3 Phase

MCQ.4): In the cell cycle, how many phases occurs in the G1 phase?

a) Five

b) Three

c) Four

d) Two

MCQ.5): In the cell cycle, S phase occurs and S stands for ………………………………………………….

a) Single

b) Synthesis

c) Short term

d) Symbiosis

MCQ.6): In the cell cycle, which of the following is the gap time between S-phase and Mitotic phase?

a) G1 Phase

b) S- Phase

c) M-Phase

d) G2 Phase

MCQ.7): The DNA replication process occurs in the ………………………………………. Phase of the cell cycle.

a)S- Phase

b)G2 Phase

c)G1 Phase


MCQ.8): In the G1 phase of cell cycle, which of the following grows in size?

a) Heart

b) Spleen

c) Liver

d) Cells

MCQ.9): In which of the following process two haploid gametes comes together through fertilization to form a diploid zygote?

a) S- phase process

b) Meiosis process

c)G5 Phase process

d) G1 Phase process

MCQ.10): In which of the following phase spindle gets disappears?

a) Metaphase 1

b) Anaphase 1

c) Telophase 1

d) All of them

MCQ.11): In which of the following phase homologous separates and move to opposite poles, also sister chromatids are attached at the centromeres?

a) Metaphase 1

b) Anaphase 1

c) Telophase 1

d) None of them


1) a) Binary fission

2) a) G1 Phase

3) b) G1 Phase

4) c) Four

5) b) Synthesis

6) d) G2 Phase

7) a) S- Phase

8) d) Cells

9) b) Meiosis process

10) c) Telophase 1

11) b) Anaphase 1

More MCQ:

1) Chromatin fibers are packaged by proteins into a condensed structure called

a )  chromotin b) Cytokinesis c) chromatin d) Leptotene

Ans. Chromatin

2) Select the mismatched

a) Anaphase → Chromatids move

b) Prophase → Centriole move

c) Telophase → Nuclear membrane disappear

d) Metaphase → Chromosome line up

Ans.Prophase → Centriole move

3) The chromosomes with an equal number of arm is known as

a) Sub-meta centric b) Metacentric c) Telocentric d) Acrocentric or sub-telocentric

Ans. Metacentric

4) Sequence of physiological changes by which cell commit suicide.

a) Apoptosis b) Necrosisc) Autophagy d) Both “a” and “b”

Ans. Both “a” and “b”

5) He was the first person to coin the term chromosomes

a )Walter Fleming  b) Carolus Linnaeus

c ) Ernst Haeckel d) Gregor Mendel

Ans. Walter Fleming

6) A type of cell division in which spore mother cell produce spores

a) Amitosis b) Mitosis c) Meiosis  d) Both “a” and “c”


7) Choose the incorrect statement regarding meiosis.

a)Maintain chromosome number from generation to generation.

b) Reduces the diploid number of chromosomes to half

c)Takes place in germ cell to produce gametes

d) Production of new somatic cells from germ cells.

8) Stage of meiosis in which centromeres shorten and the paired chromatids are pulled away from one another.

a) Anaphase-II b) Metaphase-II

c) Telophase-II d) Prophase-II


9) Phenomenon in which pair of homologous chromosome fails to separate called.

a) Non-disjunction b) Terminalization

c) Synapsis d) Linkage

Ans. Non-disjunction

Ans. Production of new somatic cells from germ cells

10) Stage of mitosis in which chromatids reach the poles and their movement ceases

a )Prophase  b) Metaphase  c) Anaphase d) Telophase

Ans. Anaphase

11) Which process occurs during prophase of mitosis in an animal cell?

a )Division of centromeres  b) Formation of chromosomes

b )Replication of DNA  d) Separation of centrioles

Ans. Formation of chromosomes

12)  What occurs in metaphase of mitosis?

a ) Chromosome line up on the equator of the cell.

b ) Chromatids reach the poles of the spindle.

c ) Chromatids separate and move to opposite poles

d ) Chromosomes start to coil up and become visible.

Ans.Chromosome line up on the equator of the cell.

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