CBSE Diagrams for Class 9 Important for Exams

CBSE Diagrams for Class 9

There are six chapters of biology are included in class 9 syllabus. There are 7 diagrams drawn for understanding concepts. These diagrams are very important for the students to get to know about diverse concepts. All the diagrams are important from exam point of view. Many of the times the question like draw a neat labeled diagram is asked. Let’s discuss about these diagrams.

Chapter 5 : The Fundamental Unit of Life

In class 8 students get knowledge about the structure of the cell. In the class 9 chapter 5 students learn the concept of cell division. Cell divides by two methods, one is mitosis and other is meiosis. To differentiate between the two cell division we have drawn the diagrams for mitosis and meiosis. The mitosis is cell division of the body tissues. On the other hand meiosis is the division of germ cells.

Figure 1 : Mitosis and meiosis

Chapter 6 : Tissues –

In this chapter, the types of tissues has been described. Therefore the animal tissue diagram is important. The structure of animal tissue tells us the part of animal tissue and how the animal tissue forms. The second diagram is neuron. The neuron is the structural and functional unit of life which is vital cell for functioning of brain.Therefore neuron diagram is important can be visualized under microscope.

Figure 2 : Types of animal tissue


Figure 3 : Neuron

Chapter 7: Diversity in living organisms-

Living organism diversity is vital to know about the different kinds of life forms on an earth. The first category of plant division includes Gymnospermae and an Angiospermae. Out of these two divisions, an Angiospermae is important therefore Angiospermae chart is shown.Therefore the Angiospermae classification explains the complete information about the plants and their evolution. The second diagram is Classification of animals is shown. These two diagrams show the summary of the chapter.

Figure 4 : An Angiospermae chart


Figure 5 : Classification of kingdom animalia

Chapter 13: Why do we fall ill?

This is the important topic has been included in this syllabus. To distinguish between ill or diseased person and normal person is vital. There are various diseases has been came to know. There are various methods of classification of diseases. Therefore Common methods of classification of diseases diagram is drawn. Therefore the diagram shows us the complete classification.

Figure 6 : Classification of diseases

These diagrams are added in the syllabus of class 9. All the diagrams are properly neat labeled and clear diagram. Looking the diagrams before the exams makes the students confidently face the exams and helps to score in exams.

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