CBSE Diagrams for Class 12 Biology Important for Exams

CBSE Diagrams for Class 12 Biology

For class 12 students, biology is one of the important subject and specially for scoring in exam. There are 16 chapters of biology included in class 12 syllabus. Most important diagrams from previous year question papers and the most asked diagrams are included. There are 13 diagrammatic illustrations are included. Students can prefer these diagrams before going to exam.

Chapter 2 : Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

From this chapter we have added 1 diagram which is repeated in most of the exams and the diagram is parts of typical angiosperm ovule. So we have drawn this diagram for students.

Figure : Typical Angiosperm ovule

Chapter 3: Human reproduction

As we have learnt in lower classes also, understanding this topic still remains a complex task for most of the students, so understanding such difficult concept diagrammatically makes it more easy. So we have added four diagrams from this chapter such as Male reproductive system, Female reproductive system, diagram of seminiferous tubule and most important the diagram of sperm.

Figure : Seminiferous tubule


Figure : Diagram of sperm

Chapter 6: Molecular basis of inheritance

By this chapter students can understand the origin and discovery of genetic material, so making it easy by diagrammatic view. We have added 3 diagrams from this chapter such as the diagram of t-RNA, the model pf doubles stranded DNA and the diagrammatic view of scientist Hershey and Chase experiment.

Figure : t-RNA



Figure : Double stranded dna


Figure : Harshey and chase experiment

Chapter 7: Evolution

This chapter is all about how human is evolved rather more simplifying it how living organism appear on an earth. To prove the theory the most famous experiment were performed by Scientist Miller in a particular vessel, so diagram of Miller experiment is given.

Figure : Miller experiment

Chapter 8: Human health and disease

The importance of this chapter is getting to know how diseases can attack on human body. For this we must know the barrier of our body and it is an antibody. Therefore the diagram of antibody is added.

Figure : Diagram of antibody

Chapter 14: Ecosystem

From this chapter students learn all the basic and advance concept regarding nature and food chain of the animals and birds. To understand this one of the main element of periodic table is carbon which is circulating all over the environment so carbon cycle have been drawn. The next diagram added is diagrammatic representation of trophic levels in the ecosystem. This diagrams helps students to learn about the stages of trophic and at which stage which animal is present. These are the diagrams are drawn in this chapter.

Figure : Carbon cycle


Figure : Trophic level diagram

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