CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Reported Speech Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Chapter 13 Reported Speech Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Chapter 13 Reported Speech Solution. Reported Speech Class 10 Question Answer Solution by Expert Teacher.

  • Board – CBSE.
  • Class – 10.
  • Topic – Solution.
  • Subject – English Workbook.
  • Chapter – 13
  • Chapter Name – Reported Speech.



1.) “When I was in school, I used to skip a few classes, especially Moral Science because of the bookish manner in which it was treated,” confessed the retired IAS Officer.

2.) Saurav’s friends protested that he should have been included in the school badminton team, on the basis of his fine performance in the inter-house matches.

3.) “Make a circle, make a circle!” Mira shouted, firmly pulling and pushing the children till a kind of vague circle was formed.

4.) The music teacher warned the children against getting carried away and getting out of tune.

5.) “Father, you must tell me what you meant exactly when you said that I was the same as every other teenager,” Varun insisted.

6.) “Oh God! She is coming again,” the children whispered to each other, when they saw Mrs. Sharma striding towards their classroom for the third time that day.


Reporting Verbs Used

Changes in Other Words
1.      Said

I – he

2.      Promised

Shall- would


Reporting verbs used Changes in other words Any other changes
1.      Asked

2.      Explained

3.      Reminded

4.      Decided


I – she

Have – had

Me- her

My- her

Last week- the previous week

Yet- still

Can’t- couldn’t

In the indirect speech above if was added because it was a question.

This morning has been changed into that morning.

Last week has been changed into the previous week.

Yet is changed in still.



a) Sheela to Rashmi: “You can come and stay at my place if you’re ever in Delhi”.

Sheela told Rashmi that she could come and stayed at her place if she had ever been in delhi.

b) Anand to Renu: “I don’t know what Gayathri is doing these days. She hasn’t visited us for ages”.

Anand told renu that he did not know what Gayathri was doing those day and also added that she had not visited them for ages.

c) Teacher to Students: “We shall go on a field trip to study water pollution”.

Teacher told students that they would go on a field trip to study water pollution.


a) He said, “Who has moved into the neighbouring house?”

he asked who had moved into the neighbouring house.

b) He said, “What have you bought for Deepawali?”

he asked what he had bought for deepawali.

c) He said to me, “Why didn’t you wear your new dress for the party?”

he asked me why I had not worn my new dress for the party.

d) “Is anyone there?” he asked.

He asked if there was anyone.

e) “Shall I wait for the doctor or come again tomorrow?” she asked the receptionist.

She asked the receptionist if she would wait for the doctor or come again the next day.


a) The General said,” Move the tanks to the battlefield immediately.”

The general ordered to move the tanks to the battlefield immediately.

b) “Don’t drive too fast”, the instructor said to me.

The instructor ordered me not to drive too fast.

c) “If I were you, I’d buy that property immediately”, the agent said to Anwar.

The agent told Anwar if he had been him then he would have bought the property immediately.

d) “Why don’t you change into something more comfortable?” he said to his guest.

He asked his guest why he did not change into something more comfortable.

e) “Go on, taste it”, said the cook to the guest.

The cook suggested the guest to go on and taste it.


complain confide apologise explain invite assure regret plead scold insist remind warn

1.) “Human nature changes,” sighed the old man.

The old man complained that human nature changes.

2.) “We’ll win the match next week.” said Vasu optimistically.

Vasu insisted optimistically that they would win the match.

3.) “I saw him with Akanksha yesterday,” she whispered.

She insisted that she had seen him with akanksha yesterday.

4.) “Sanjay, I’m sorry we didn’t visit you in Bombay last week,” Arun said

Arun apologised to sanjay that they had not viited him in bombay the previous week.

5.) “This rice tastes awful,” he muttered.

He regretted that that rice tasted awful.

6.) “Would you like to come to the party with us tomorrow, Gopa?” Sushila asked.

Sushila invited gopa if she would have liked to come to the party with them the next day.

7.) “Please, Ma, please,” they begged. “We’ll play on the veranda and porch. We won’t take a step off the veranda.”

They pleaded ma that they would play on the veranda, porch and assured that they would have not taken a step off the veranda.

8.) “Don’t be a fool,” Raghu said roughly, pushing him aside. Even Mira said, “Stop howling, Ravi. If you want to play, you can stand at the end of the line,” and she put him there very firmly.

Raghu warned him not to be a fool by pushing him aside. Even Mira scolded Ravi to stop howling. She explained him there very firmly if he wanted to play, he could stand at the end of the line.


1.) The nurse enquired how I was.

2.) He said that he lived in Connaught Circus.

3.) They asked when I had arrived.

4.) The taxi driver asked where I wanted to go.

5.) I warned Sanjay to be careful while crossing the road.

6.) Rohit couldn’t understand where all the children had gone.


First a form must be (a) ______obtained from the bank_________________ . All relevant details (b) ___are filled in the form with______ ______________. The form must then (c) __be countersigned by an account-holder________________________. Two passportsize photographs along with proof of residence (d) ___are submitted_________________. Finally the minimum amount required (e) ____is deposited______________________.


1.) India Allows Airspace to Pak

In the first public move to diffuse tension between the two countries, India _______has allowed Pak____ _____________________ through Indian airspace.

2.) Research Work at AIIMS Stalled for Want of Animals

More than 50 research projects at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences ____ __have been stalled for want of animals_______________________________________ to conduct experiments on.

3.) After making Toilets, MCD Looks for Users

About 250 toilet complexes constructed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi with Japanese aid have turned into liabilities as apparently __is looking for its users____________________________

4.) Selling Kidneys to make a Living

Starving Tribals of Idduki district ___are selling kidneys___________________________________ to make a living.

5.) Kidneys Donated without Medical Inspection

Most of the kidney donation procedures ___are done without______________ the required medical examination in Indian hospitals.


Traditionally the festival of Holi is told to (a) ___is told tells________

mark a beginning of summer. While (b) ___a the________

there are some people who rise a cheer (c) __rise rising_________

at that prospect, the rest of us neither sigh (d) ___at on________

resignedly or contemplate suicide, and began to (e) __or nor_________

hunt out our cottons, servicing all our cooling (f) __servicing service_________

devices, hang in the chiks, and prepare to (g) __prepared prepared_________

endure the season for heat, dust and sweat (h) __for of_________


Christopher Columbus , (a) ____(i) a skilled sailor and an explorer, was __ born in 1451 AD. Unlike the people of his time, (b) ____(iv) Columbus believed that the Earth was round _. In order to prove his belief he said (c) ___(iii) if he sailed west from Europe____, he could reach Japan. Queen Isabella of Spain supported him. Columbus sailed west (d) _____(i) with a crew of ninety men on _________three ships. Unfortunately, one of the ships was wrecked. Columbus returned to Spain (e) ____(ii) leaving behind forty men on the island of Hispaniola _________ to form a colony.


Electronic commerce, it seems, still has (a) ___(iv) its limits, even in the Silicon Valley. For all the feverish excitement (b) ___(iv) for _______ the tripling of electronic shopping last holiday season, the total money (c) ___(iii) spent _______ by American consumers online still (d) __(ii) amounted ________ to only about one percent of its total salesbarely a tenth (e) ____(i) of ______ the revenues from (f) _(iv) the other _________ method of distance selling that has been (g) __(ii) used ________ for a century; the catalogue. This may be because electronic shopping (h) __(iii) was concentrated ________ on quite a narrow range of goods, mainly books, toys and music. Worse, there (i) __(i) were _______ many stories of failed and late deliveries. And, more recently, a string of hackers’ attacks (j) __(i) has ________ temporarily disabled some of the best-known e-commerce websites.


It was my second year boarding- school (a) _in boarding school________

and was sitting on platform No.8 at (b) _at the________

Ambala station waiting the north-bound train. (c) __waiting for_______

I think I was about twelvle at time. My (d) __at that_______

parents considered me old to travel alone, (e) __old enough_______

and I arrived by bus Ambala early in (f) __to Ambala_______

the evening; now there was a wait midnight (g) _wait in________

before my train arrived. Most the time I had (h) __had arrived_______

been pacing up and down the platform.

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