CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Active and Passive Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Chapter 12 Active and Passive Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Chapter 12 Active and Passive Solution. Active and Passive Class 10 Question Answer Solution by Expert Teacher.

  • Board – CBSE.
  • Class – 10.
  • Topic – Solution.
  • Subject – English Workbook.
  • Chapter – 12
  • Chapter Name – Active and Passive.



1.) It is a big college. More than a hundred teachers ___are employed_________________ (employ) there.

2.) ____did somebody clean_____________________ (somebody/ clean) the office yesterday?

3.) How much of our country’s land area ___is covered____________________ (cover) by forest?

4.) The hostel gates ___are locked____________ (lock) at 8.00 pm everyday.

5.) The parcel ____was sent_____________ (send) a month ago and it ____was arrived______________ (arrive) only yesterday.

6.) Where ____were these photographs taken___________________ (these photographs/take)? In Mumbai? ___did you take___________________________ (you/ take) them, or somebody else?


1.) He was killed in the World War II.

Clue: Who must have killed him? Is it obvious?

It is obvious that he was killed in the world war II by enemy soldiers.

2.) The Bank was looted last night.

Clue: Have the police caught the culprits?

The culprits have been caught by the police who looted the bank lat night.

3.) Sachin Tendulkar is looked upon as a sport icon.

Clue: By whom?

Sachin Tendulkar is looked upon as a sport person by his fans.

4.) This sort of road-side restaurants can be seen everywhere in this city.

Clue: How will you write it in active voice?

People can see this sort of road-side restaurants everywhere in this city.

5.) When he arrived at the airport, he was arrested.

Clue: Rewrite the sentence in active voice. Is it a little awkward?

Police arrested him at the airport.

6.) Employer: On account of tight financial condition, bonus will not be paid this year.

Clue: If it is some good news, what voice will the employer use?

We will not pay bonus this year on account of tight financial condition.

  1. I got my hair cut.

Clue: Look at the construction using ‘got’.

I have got my hair cut by a beautician.


  1. a) Newspaper (and formal) report ____Many villagers were adversely affected by the flash flood. It is estimated that nearly half of the standing crop has been submerged in water.___________________________________
  2. b) Description of processes _____The tea leaves are picked and left to dry in the sun.________________________________________
  3. c) Academic writings including reporting of scientific experiments 20 ml of the salt is taken in a test tube and heated over the flame of a Bunsen burner.


b.) young sikkimese succeeded to reach steepest face of Mt. kanchunjungha

the steepest face of Mt. kanchunjangha is scaled by young sikkimese.

  1. Government – passed legislation – ban smoking in state of Tamil Nadu – people not received it well.

Legislation passed to ban smoking in tamilnadu.

Expansion- the government legislation to ban smoking is not received well by people of tamilnadu.

  1. The ruling party – excessive election spending – no proper accounts kept – no convincing answer to opposition questioning.

The ruling party spent excessive accounts on election spending.

Expansion- no convincing answers were given by the ruling party on no proper accounts for excessive election spending.

  1. SIEMENS, Germany has appointed new Managing Director – J. Shubert after convening General Bnody meeting – last week
  2. Hubert is the the new appointed managing director in SIEMENS, Germany.

Expansion- J. Shubert has been appointed as the new managing director by the general Bnody meeting of SIEMENS, Germany.

  1. Rice shortage – increase production, says Government

Government says on increase rice production.

Expansion- increasing rice production is said by the government to reduce shortage.

  1. Archaeological Survey of India – has excavated Buddhist Stupa – in village in Haryana

Archaeological survey of india excavated Buddhist stupa in Haryana.

Expansion- buddhest stupa has been excavated by archaeological survey of india in village in Haryana.

  1. Cricket team – prepares – tour to England – July 2011- selectors announce team

Preparation of cricket team’s tour to England

Expansion- cricket team’s tour to England on july 2011 is announced by selectors team.



A screwdriver (place) is placed inside a coil carrying a direct current. The screwdriver (become) _has become_______ magnetised. It (removed) ___is removed____ carefully and (place) ___placed_______ in iron filings. It (attract) _attracts____________ the fillings.


The walls should be painted.

The slippers should be kept in place.

The open books should be closed.

The front table and chairs must be kept in right place.

The open drawer need to be closed.

The open pot need to be closed.



1.) My neighbours _______have got their garden done______________________________________________ (their garden/ relay) at the moment.

2.) I lost my identity card. I’ll have to ____make another_________________________________ another (another/make)

3.) ___do you get milk delivered_________________________________ (you/ milk/ deliver) to your house every day, or do your go out and buy it?

4.) A: Can I see the photographs you took during our school day function? B: I’m afraid ____the film has not been developed_________________________________ (not/ the film/develop) yet.

5.) Your suit is a little tight. Why don’t you ______make a new one_________________________ (a new one/ make)?


1.) Why did you go to the garage? To have my car serviced.

2.) Why did you go to the doctor? __to have my health checked__________________________________

3.) Why did you go to the bank? _____to have my savings secured_______________________________

4.) Why did you go to the tailor? _______to have my dresses stitched_____________________________

5.) Why did you go to the photo studio? ___to have my photos clicked________________________________

6.) Why did you go to the dentist’s? to have my teeth cleaned.



1. Who will be g. asked to come to the party?
2. She likes i. being looked at.
3. They ought j. to be punished for what they did.
4. They are going e. to get hurt.
5. She d. was given the money.
6. It will f. have been done by them.
7. You will a. be informed
8. He hates h. being asked to parties.
9. What has b. been done to stop it?
10. Has Sita c. been told?


1.) There’s somebody behind us. I think we……are followed…………………………………………. (follow)

2.) A mystery is something that ………cannot be explained……………………………………. (cannot/explain)

3.) We didn’t play volleyball yesterday. The match……was cancelled………………………….. (cancel)

4.) The minaret ……is restored…………………………………. (restore). The work is almost finished.

5.) Every time I travel by plane, my plane ……is delayed…………………………………….. (delay)

6.) I left some papers on the desk last night and I can’t find them now. They ………might be thrown………………………………………………… (might/ throw) away.

7.) Two people ………were reported………………………… (report) to ……be injured………………………….. (injure) in an explosion at a factory in Bengaluru early this morning.


Last year Mckiney Company built two new apartment buildings in the city centre. Recently one of the buildings was damaged by an earthquake. The earthquake also destroyed the company offices in the other building. The owners of the apartments of the buildings will receive the insurance money to fix the damages. Nobody will lose the money paid for the apartments.

Two new apartment _____were built by Mckineycompany in the city centre last year__________________________________________________. Recently one of the buildings was damaged by an earthquake. The company offices in _____other building are also destroyed by the earthquake__________________________________________________________. The insurance _____money will be received by the owner of the apartments of the buildings______________________________________. Money ______will not be lost by anybody paid for the apartments____________________________________________________________________.


The Butterfly Effect is a metaphor who encapsulates [a] _who which____ __________

a concept of sensitive dependence on initial [b] __dependence dependent___ __________

conditions in chaos theory; naming that small [c] ____in of_ __________

different in the initial condition of a complex [d] __different difference___ __________

systems may produced large variations in the [e]__systems system___ __________

long termed behaviour of the system. A ball [f]__produced produce___ __________

placed in the crest of a hill would roll into any of [g]___in on__ __________

the several valleys depended on slight differences [h]__dependent___ __________ in the initial position.



The Chennai region ______has topped_____________________________ for the second consecutive year with 96.18 % of students clearing the CBSE exam in 2010.


The Indian Meteorologoical department formally announced __to subside heatwave in north India in next week_____________________.


About 100 huts near Vyasarpadi railway station ____were destroyed in fire_____________________ that broke out early on Friday.


Education Consultant Mr Jayan Gandhi’s advice to media aspirants was ______seen tremendous scopes for literature graduates___________ ____________.


Twelve people were injured and ____seven were killed in road accident____________________.


At a time when hotels (a) __(ii) seem to be growing similar ____________ in character, the Hotel Park-View, Kolkata, strikes a distinctive note. Its five- star amenities, comfort and unique personalized service (b) _____(iii) make it an ideal hotel for tourists___________ . (c) ______(i) Located along Chowringee Lane, and facing the Hooghly __________________, it has 80 rooms and 16 luxury suites. No holiday is complete unless (d) ____________(ii) it includes a stay at the Hotel Park-View _____________________. Before this luxury hotel appeared on the Kolkata scene, (e) ____(i) there was none which could offer _____________________________ an unfettered view of the famous Howrah Bridge.


Aung San Suu Kyi (a) ___(iii) was ____ a figurehead for Myanmar’s struggle for democracy (b) __(iv) in

______ 1988. She was educated in Burma, India, and the United Kingdom, (c) __(iv) where

________ she got her PhD. In 1988 she returned home (d) ____(iii) to care ______ for her dying mother. Myanmar was in political chaos (e) ___(iii) when _____ a new military junta took power. A nationwide uprising (f) __(ii) opposite _____ the Generals started and Suu Kyi (g) ____(iii) campaigned ______ for freedom and democracy. Suu Kyi was kept (h) ___(iv) under _______ house arrest for the best part of two decades till 13 November, 2010. She was awarded the Nobel Prize.


Mohini: Hello, Rajiv. I haven’t seen you for ages. Rajiv: I was in the United States for three years. I had gone there to do Masters in Business Administration. I just returned a week ago. Mohini: Did you have a good time there? Rajiv: Yes, I did. I finished my masters in two years and then I worked there for a year.

Mohini: Are you back for good? Rajiv: No, I’m here for my brother’s wedding. I’ll be going back next week.

Dear Rekha,

You won’t believe whom I met at the bus stand yesterday! Rajiv. I told him that it was nice to meet him as (a)…..i had not seen him for ages………….. He informed me that (b) …..he had been in the united states for three years to do………….. Masters in Business Administration. He returned a week ago after spending three years in the United States. I asked him (c) …if he had had good time there…………….. and he told me that he did. When I asked him if he was back in India for good he said that he (d) …was there for his brother’s wedding……………………… and that he would be going back the next week. With love Mohini.


Children love picnics and outings of their parents e.g. of …. with

though they are equally happier doing things with a) __happier happy____________

them around the house. A parent may make b) __them themselves____________

his child feels special by following some simple c) ___feels feel___________

rituals. Bedtime stories, the game of cards or d) ___or and___________

simply talking and laugh together before going to e) ___laugh laughing___________

bed gives children a wonderful sense f) __gives give____________

of well-being. They hardly ever forgot these moments, g) ___forgot forget___________

and cherish them throughout these lives. h) ___these their___________

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