CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook National Integration Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Chapter 6 National Integration Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Chapter 6 National Integration Solution. National Integration Class 10 Question Answer Solution by Expert Teacher.

  • Board – CBSE.
  • Class – 10.
  • Topic – Solution.
  • Subject – English Main Coursebook.
  • Chapter – 6
  • Chapter Name – National Integration.

The Indian flag was hoisted on the highest mountain peak of the world, Mount Everest on 29th May 1953.

When the National Anthem plays during Olympics.

When national anthem plays during world cup matches of any sport like cricket, hockey, football etc.

The national flag is hoisted on national events like Independence Day and republic day.

Parade of defence personnel on event of Independence Day celebration.

A sportperson represents our country in other international championships in different countries.


state Language Cuisine Handicrafts Weather
Jammu and kahmir Kashmiri, dongri, Balti, laddakhi Kashmiri dum aloo, kahwa, gustabatabakmas Shawls, carpets Winters are cool and summers are pleasant
Punjab Punjabi, hindi Paratha, roti, chole, rajma, rice, dal Woollen blankets, carpets Weather change with season, season are hot, cold, rainy, spring
Haryana Hindi, Haryanvi, Punjabi Dal, roti, vegetables, milk, milk products Moorah making, earthen pottery. Khes, dari etc. Changes according to season
Uttar Pradesh Hindi, urdu Vegetarian, tandoori and Mughal dishes Wooden furniture, brass vessels, locks, marble-ware Hot summers, cold winters
Rajasthan Hindi, rajathani Dal-bati-churma, other vegetarian dishes Tie and dye work, woollen carpets, gharaikagzi pottery Extreme hot in summer, cold in winter
Gujarat Gujarati and hindi Dal, roti, kadhi, basundi, malpua, thepla, puralpoli, dhokla Furniture, clay items, embroidery, stone craft Winter is pleasant, summer is hot.
Maharashtra Marathi, hindi, urdu Vegetarian, bhelpuri, vadapav, tandoori, non-veg cuisine Paithani, chandrakala, dharwadi sarees, copper, zinc vessels Summer is hot, winter is pleasant
Karnataka Kannada Idli, dosa, rice, vada, sambar etc. Silk sarees and handicrafts Pleasant winter, hot summer
Kerala Malayalam Rice, fish, coffee, homemade snacks, banana chips Dress of Kerala, clothing is basically untailored. Men wear shirt and dhoti, women wear sarees Hot summer, pleasant winter


India is a diverse country where people of various culture, custom, languages and lifestyle live together. There is a variety of food and clothing style of people in different regions. People celebrate festivals in each season dedicated to several events and harvests. People enjoy festivals by celebrating together. In spite of differences, there is an incredible bond of peace and unity among people. They prefer living with perfect harmony.


An ancient temple of Orissa.

A unique chatriburj of a palace in Rajasthan.

A folk dance form of Maharashtra.

Tea garden of Assam or Darjeeling.

Lake or river surrounded by temples from North India.


a) The poet says this because he finds no fear around him. There is no social discrimination, division, reclusion and exploitation of humans by others. He can find freedom everywhere he looks.

b) The narrow domestic walls are referred to social boundaries and stigma like superstitions, old beliefs, narrow mindedness which create barriers in society.

c) These walls are narrow because of narrowmindedness and using them for spreading negativity. The clear stream of reason loses its way into a fearful place full of narrowmindedness. Old thinking, beliefs, superstitions make people blind to see the reality. In India, it does not choke the rationality.

d) The poet’s appeal is that his country and its people should awake now from the age old thoughts and actions. They should see the broad way of knowledge and freedom which can lead them to their dream destination. It’s time to come out from religious barriers and narrowmindedness to enjoy freedom of life and cherish beautiful things.


1.) a) lack of formal education and riches.

2.) c) austere

3.) c) withdrawal of train halt at Rameshwaran station.

4.) c) newspapers thrown from the moving train had to be collected.

5.) b) it was the first wages he had earned.

6.) b) father.

7.) a) religious differences

8.) b) excellent ability to tell stories of historic importance

9.) a) as our new teacher understood it

10.) a) it was wrong on his part to discriminate on the basis of religion

11.) c) he encouraged people of different communities and castes to mix up freely

12.) a) she had understood and adopted her husband’s outlook on the oneness of mankind

13.) a) encourage him to be adventurous and fearless

14.) b) discrimination and boycott on the basis of one’s faith.


a.) An example of the generosity and kindness of Kalam’s parents is feeding the outsiders daily.

b.) Kalam feels he had a very secure childhood because his austere father provided all necessities in terms of food, medicine and clothes.

c.) The suspension of train halt at Rameshwaram station proved to be a blessing in disguise for Kalam because he got a job of picking the bundles of newspapers thrown from the train. He felt pride in earning his own money for the first time.

d.) Kalam continues to feel proud about the money he had earned in childhood by picking up bundles of newspaper because it was hi own money earned by him from hard work.

e.) Some traits and values Kalam and his siblings inherited from their parents were honesty, self-discipline, kindness, generosity, goodness etc.

f.) The salient feature of Kalam’s relationship with his three childhood friends was that they were like real brother despite being different in religious beliefs.

g.) Two unique examples of communal harmony and brotherhood of mankind are abdulkalam’ family was arranging boats for carrying idols of the lord rama from the temple to the marriage site, his mother’s and grandmother’s relating bed time stories to the children. These stories used to be from the Ramayana and the life of the prophet.

h.) The nation should be wary of people like the grade V teacher of the narrator because such people are a threat to the integrity and unity of the country as they spread social inequality. They create divisive walls and communal intolerance among people through religious fanatism and narrowmindedness.

i.) However, the country needs more and more people like Kalam’s Science teacher Sivasubramania and Kalam’s mother and grandmother because these persons symbolise communal harmony, kindness, generosity and social tolerance. National integration is fully secured in the hands of such people.

j.) Kalam’s second visit to his science teacher’s house surprised him because his wife took herself abdulkalam inside her kitchen and served him food with her own hands. Earlier, it was she who could not tolerate even abdulkalam’s presence inside the kitchen, not to speak of feeding him.


25 January, 2023

I am very sad about what just happened in school today. Since the first day of our school I and Ramanand sit together in same bench. We always kept silence in classroom and never talked unnecessarily while our teacher teaching us. Not only our classmates but also all teachers within school knew that we are bet friends. But today something strange happened. Ramanand asked me a question related to the topic which teacher was teaching then. He could not understand so he asked me for being in the same track. Teacher saw us talking to each other. He felt furious instantly and made us stand. I tried to make him understand multiple times but he did not listen to me. as a result, he decided to change our places and made us sitting in different benches. I felt both humiliated and sad in front of other classmates. I don’t know when I will get chance again to sit with Ramanand.


1.) a) came up

2.) b) locate

3.) c) victim

4.) a) was found suitable for the purpose

5.) a) tolerate

6.) c) dejected

7.) b) agitated

8.) a) at hand


Column A Column B
break out start suddenly and strongly
to look for to try to find somebody or something
to take over to obtain or assume control of something, or gain control of something from somebody else
to go into to begin a job or career in a particular area of activity
on the whole as a rule or in general taking all relevant factors into account



The telegraph,

Kolkata- 700058

Subject: to spread awareness about ‘The Importance of Celebrating Diversity, but Working for Unity’.

Respected sir,

I beg to state that I am a student of XYZ school want to attract your view on an important aspect for our country. We have decided to spread the view on the importance of celebrating diversity but working for unity through our school magazine. Our country is a diverse place where people of different religions live together with peace and harmony. But we often hear events of communal riots, insulting people of other religions and crime which are disrupting our ultimate peace and unity. I am requesting you to encourage people through your daily newspaper on this major concern.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,



  1. a) National integration is important aspect for India where people of different religion, languages, cultures, races and food habits live together.
  2. b) The aims of national integration are: developing socio-cultural relations with others, reducing economic inequalities, strengthening unity and enhancing harmony.
  3. c) These forces are: communalism, regionalism, lingualism, religious fanaticism, terrorism.
  4. d) We must identify the force first that can bind people of the country strongly. We should focus on creating emotional bond with other for sharing views and interests.
  5. e) We can definitely bind people in one thread. We should create an emotional bond through various aspects like art, music, culture, language, sports, national events, festivals etc.
  6. f) We can attain internal freedom by focusing on the basic important things and values of life. These things are: love, care, emotional well-being, intelligence, respect, trust, affection etc. we should create a developed mind for accepting people of different interests and values.


Column A

Column B

Encourage the development of.


agreement and support resulting from shared interests, feelings or opinions

the act of accepting someone as a part of a group


Excessive enthusiasm for an extreme political or religious cause.

Having a harmful effect.


Airlines Slogan ____’the joy of flying’ ‘a great way to fly’ ‘lower fares, fewer restrictions’______________________

Adult Education Campaign Slogan ___’Each One Teach One’_________________

Struggle for Independence Slogan ____’jai hind’, ‘DilliChalo’, ‘BandeMatrarri’________________

Polio Eradication Slogan _____’Do BoondJindegiki’_______________________

Eye Donation Slogan ___LIGHT up a life, donate your EYE’________________________

Blood Donation Slogan- ‘your one drop can save a life’, ‘donate blood, save lives’.


‘educating a girl child means brightening the whole nation’, ‘follow traffic rules, save your life’, ‘AIDS, end the silence: listen, learn and live’, ‘from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we are only one’.


Indian identity: constitution, unity in diversity, tricolour flag, rich culture and heritage, spiritualism, different languages.

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