CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Education Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Chapter 2 Education Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Chapter 2 Education Solution. Education Class 10 Question Answer Solution by Expert Teacher.

  • Board – CBSE.
  • Class – 10.
  • Topic – Solution.
  • Subject – English Main Coursebook.
  • Chapter – 2
  • Chapter Name – Education.


1.) The boy was inspired to go to Hampton because of his intense desire to get education.

2.) after working in coal mine, the boy worked in the house of Mrs. Ruffner. then he worked in the port to unload vessel at Richmond, Virginia.

3.) the money that he earned at Mrs. ruffner’s house had been spent by his step father and the rest of his family.

4.) Hampton was about 500 mile far from Malden.

No, he was not able to hire a coach because the lack of money.

He begged rides for both wagons and cars. Thus, he reached to Richmond, Virginia which I about 82 miles away from Hampton.

5.) he worked in the port to unload vessels which were stationed there.

6.) the writer did not make a favourable impression on the head teacher for his shabby appearance. He had not eaten and taken bath for days. He had not changed his clothes too.

7.) he had to go through cleaning and dusting the recitation room for three-four times as the forms of examination.


a) Hampton- coal mine- booker T. Washington used to work in coal mine with other coal miners as a boy.

b) General Lewis Ruffner’s house- general Lewis Ruffner’s house- the author worked in Ruffner’s house at a salary of $5 per month. He learnt many things there like cleanliness, doing actions promptly and systematically, honesty and frankness.

c) Coal mine- city of Richmond, Virginia- the city is situated 82 miles away from Hampton. It was a port where the author worked to unload vessels.

d) city of Richmond in Virginia- Hampton- Hampton was situated about 500 miles away from Malden. It has a school for coloured people where the author reached to take admission. He got admission there after satisfying the head teacher with his sheer determination, dedication and honesty.



Evidence from the story
Careful, hard working

I swept the recitation room three times, then I got a dusting cloth, and I dusted it four times.

Polite, respectful

I presented myself before the head teacher for assignment to a class.
Eager to learn

I resolved at once to go to that school.. Hampton


The lessons that I learned in the home of Mrs. ruffner were a valuable to me as any education..since.


Phrases Meanings
At work To be working
Work out pay off the cost by doing some work in lieu
To be on fire to be working
The great day a day one has been waiting for
To be out of money not having any money
Not one bit of not at all


a) Rahul is a victim of circumstances in a way because of poor parent. For that he can be called an unlucky boy, moreso due to his father.

b) His classmates’ reaction is normal as any classmate could behave like that way. Rahul should tell his teachers about it to top his friends make fun of him.

c) Rahul should not take admission in another school. He must learn to be confident and stand on his own legs. Leaving the school won’t change anything. Even it can make him sadder and depressed about hi situation.

d) Measures Rahul’s teacher could take to avoid Rahul being bullied. Rahul’ teacher is not responsible for what was happening with him. To stop those things he must know about it first which can be done by Rahul. After knowing only he can help Rahul to stand for himself and gain confidence.

e) Children require individual attention because they have different capabilities and personality traits. Teachers need to be informed about the problems their students face as they are not god to know everything in their absence.

f) We need more people like Mrs.Mini surely. The number of people like Mrs. Mini has come to zero. People are stressed for their own problems which make them selfish, self-centred and stone-hearted.


Rahul’s mother: madam, all this has been possible for your care, attention and affection to my son which helped him to become an engineer. I did not expect that Rahul would become such a great person in spite of our background.

Mrs. mini: no, don’t think like that way. I merely helped Rahul as I should. I just helped to show his potential the right way.

Rahul’s mother: I wish I had such great and kind person like you to adopt Rahul. I a sure that Rahul would not reach this way without your help.

Mrs. mini: it may be right. I am not sure though. What I can say is I have seen great potential in Rahul to rise higher in life. That inspired me to guide him in any way just like a normal human being. I feel really proud of him that he has come out far from my expectations.

Rahul’ mother: Rahul and we all will always be grateful to you for what you have done for our son. I can assure you that Rahul will never forget your contribution in his life. I am glad that Rahul has got two mothers like lord Krishna.

Mrs. mini: I wish all the happiness of the world for Rahul. He may fulfil all hi dream in future. He has proved my efforts true through his hard work. I feel proud of him.

Rahul’s mother: thank you so much. We will always be grateful to you.

Mrs. mini: oh! Mention not. It is just my duty which I followed.


a) the right to education mean the fundamental right of children for free and compulsory education under the government act. According to it states have to provide education equally at any cost. It makes obligatory to ensure compulsory admission, attendance in school and completion the elementary education for every child from 6 to 14 year age.

b) there are many challenges of right to education like poverty, poor infrastructure, apathy of govt. agencies, lack of schools in remote areas, non-availability of transport in village areas etc.

c) the implication of free education in the act is incurring total expenditure of education for a child. Like if a child takes admission to another school then the expenditure will be taken by the education department not by the child.

d) if some parents don’t send their children to school for education then they are liable to be prosecuted as per the govt. law.

e) yes, the act is targeted mostly towards weaker sections. Because people of this section mostly fail to send their children to school due to poverty and other reasons.

f) yes, disabled children along with poor and marginalised children have adequately been addressed in the act.

g) the children who are not in schools right now will face great disadvantages in future. They won’t get proper and compulsory education as mentioned in the act. They will lose many opportunities to progress in life and live a satisfactory life.

h) such kind of students may grow inferiority complex within them which lead to drop out from schools.

i) I think the government has sufficient fund to establish adequate number of schools. If it doesn’t have then it can generate money from other sources and donations. There is big difference between declaring an act and implementing it effectively. The problem is not fund but the work culture, lack of discipline and integrity in govt. officials. There is also lack of political willpower and seriousness in human actions.

j) the govt. will address these challenges of education with more seriousness. It will issue new steps which may solve the problem earlier. But what happens next is dependent on many things which only time can decide.


a) Jharkhand and Rajasthan

b) Kerala and Mizoram


Poverty, tradition, orthodox mentality, male-dominated society, dowry, superstitions.


Equal opportunity to education, free education, compulsory education, scholarship, guidance in school etc.


Present situation- negative side:

Birth of girl child is not received well in family due to various belief like dowry, burden of parents financially, weaker sex, dependency on other etc.

Old practices like female foeticide, female infanticide, son idolization, girls are not seen a propagator of family etc.

Girl child education is burden on parents till their marriage.

An object of consuming, not seeing as equal partner in relationship or in a society.

Changed scenario- positive side:

Women are breaking the age old shackles of dowry, superstitions, weaker sex by proving themselves equally great in other aspects of life.

Women have become engineers, scientists, astronauts, pilots, entrepreneur, business tycoons, army officers etc. by proving their capability and efficiency in every level.

Women have proved their worth through their willpower, skill, intelligence, talent, hard work, mental and physical strength that they are not less than men in any way.

Scenes have changed now in many forms like girl dominating family, compulsory education for girl child etc.

Opening more schools, college, universities for girl children with the programme SarvaShikshaAbhiyan for education and upliftment of girl child.

Women are now in the forefront of every field more than men.



The editor,

The telegraph,

Kolkata- 700056

Subject: appreciation of government initiatives and provisions for girl child education.

Respected sir,

I beg to state that I am a responsible citizen of India who always wished greater upliftment of women. The root cause of future career and bright life underlies in education of girl children. I feel really proud of my country that the government has taken initiatives to assure compulsory education f girl children. I would like to highlight on the government’s action plan regarding girl children education through your daily newspaper. It will beneficial for all of us when people all over the country will be informed about free education and feel encouraged to educate their girl children. Girls are not less than boys in any way which they have proved since years. Now it is the time to change our old age concept of dominating women and seeing them in lower standards. Women will reach higher stands of their life if they get equal inspiration and encouragement from us.

I would request you to publish present initiatives and provisions of the government related to girl child education. It will help many of us to improve our thinking and move ahead in developed society.

Yours faithfully,


a) The wrong with fox’s school initially was that he introduced many topics and things in his curriculum. These things were not liked by all student because they did not have inherent interest for those topics.

b) The reasons for improvement in results were that student failed multiple times though teachers put all their efforts. Teachers became unhappy with the results. They applied all methods and conducted classes regularly till students could not make any improvement.

c) Yes, schools of present day resemble fox’s school.

The subject they are taught in school do not encourage them to learn. The dry subjects are boring and do not have connections with real life situations. O, they do not become competent enough to deal real life situation and complications. There is no connection between student school education and what they actually have to face for leading a happy life.

d)Yes, the wise bat’s advice can be extended to present day schools. Students feel more encouragement to learn those things where they find inherent interest and curiosity. When students of fox’s school were given subjects of their interests they reached excellence in learning them. In this way, we should provide education to all.


To me the term “inclusive education” means the education which is completely devoted to achieve one goal. Inclusive means all the things which are related to one definite aspect which refers different kind of education. This education comprises things which have inherent connection with students’’ likings, tastes, interests, talents and abilities.


1.) What makes Babar Ali’s tale extraordinary is his being the youngest headmaster at the age of 16 in the world.

2.) That Babar Ali values his education is evident his giving out to poor children what he had learnt from hi school teachers. It lies in his hard work to teach poor children and run the school.

3.) In spite of the fact that he studies in a government school, receiving an education is not easy because:

a) It is far away and b) it is very costly.

Chumki is likely to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse because she has the qualities of:

a) Working very hard to scrub dishes and clean homes of her neighbours. b) her deep ambition to become a nurse.

5.) The poor infrastructure that the students of Babar Ali’s school study in is obvious from the absence of furniture. It is under a rough, a homemade shelter where family chickens are scratching around nearby.

6.) It is ironical that though the poor children are hungry for knowledge no government or non govt. organizations come for real help of Babar Ali, the youngest headmaster in the world.


a) extremely serious, bad or terrible (para 1-3) – direst

b) to give enthusiastic support (para 4-5) – pitches in

c) lanky (para 6-8) – gangly

d) to leave for another place (para 13-14) – heads off

e) wobbly (para 16-17) – rickety

f) to write something hastily or untidily (para 22-23) – scribbling

g) very difficult to believe (para 23-25) – incredible

h) scamper (para 27-28)- scurry

i) heavy shower (para 28)- downpour


My dear Babar Ali,

I have come across BBC’s story about you and your remarkable achievements in transforming lives of hundreds of poor children by educating them in adverse situations recently. My heart just melted about how wonderfully you have contributed your knowledge and will power to educate poor children through mass education campaign. You made it more creditable by conducting it successfully without any government’s assistance. The country people feel proud of you and citizens of west Bengal bow down in gratitude for your constant efforts to uplift lives of poor children. Despite facing many difficulties you have not stopped your contribution for children who were deprived from education. In a way, you are showing light to children who can fulfil their dreams one day through education. You are an incredible pathfinder and inspirer for numerous underprivileged children in our society.

I, the minister of education, am assuring you to provide all accessible financial assistance for undergoing this greater initiative. You may feel secured that you are not alone in this path, we are with you. Wishing you great success in your efforts.

Yours sincerely,

Anju Kar.


Karukku Bama, the famous and creative Tamil woman writer was born in 1958. She was a committed teacher and social activist besides being writer. She used to write in her pen name Faustina Mary Fatima Rani. Some of her famous novels are karukku, sangati and vanman which were translated in other Indian languages, French and English. She wrote twenty other short stories which were not published in a single book form. She was awarded honorary doctorate degree, Crossword Award for her semi-fictional autobiography Karukku. She was invited by many universities across India and abroad, she gave lectures in various conference as well. She was a multi-faceted personality-woman with extraordinary courage, conviction, resistance who worked always to any form of oppression. She had a Keen eye for beauty in nature, profound insight into issues pertaining to caste, religion, women which reflected in her writings. She expressed her clear thoughts and expression on various issues through her words. She and her works was always dedicated to the upliftment of the downtrodden part of our society. In all of her contribution she did not forget her passion for teaching where she proved her dedication. She had the great mission of building a casteless society which we can realise through her writings.


Electrician, machinist, welder, foundryman, librarian, plumbing, fitter, publisher, beautician, retailing, typist, insurance, designer, tailoring.


1.0 What is VE- vocational education.

1.1 Prepares- learners for jobs.

1.2 Related to- manual or practical learning and activitie.

1.3 Generally at the- non-academic level.

1.4. 1.4 Focus on- development of various skills and practical activities.

2.0 Need of VE:

2.1 To sustain- momentum of the economy.

2.2 To provide- skilled workforce.

2.3. creates more employment opportunities by advancing learner with entrepreneurial skills.

2.4 Addresses- the changing face of technology through diversified courses.

3.0 Concerns:

3.1 Low- motivation among students to pursue vocational education.

3.2 Rigid- mindset of parents.

3.3 Obsolete- many vocational courses being provided.

3.4 Poor linkage- between institutions providing vocational courses and private sectors.

4.0 Emerging Fields:

4.1 Globalization has resulted in- new sectors in both manufacturing and service providing industries.

4.2 New fields of employment:

Hospitality, fashion designing, information technology, media science, healthcare, retail, film and television, entrepreneurship.



Organising a career counselling session

It is hereby notified to all students of class IX and X that our school is going to organise a career counselling session. Students often feel confuse to choose the right option for higher education for pursuing their future career. They cannot find their interests and realise what are their passions. As a result, they end up in choosing the suggested options by their parent or other seniors. In this counselling session, each student will be given importance to find out their interested areas and various available courses related to it. Students will get much information regarding different options of their future career. So, all students are requested to take part in the counselling session and clear all their queries through experienced teachers. For any further details they can contact the signed person below.


I feel really glad and satisfied for supporting Rahul in choosing his career as machinist and pursuing it successfully, Rahul’s father was against his will as he wanted him to pursue medical science and become a doctor. But Rahul’s aim was different for which he faced many obstacles and did not get support from parents. I remember those days when Rahul was completely helpless with lack of confidence. I made him understand with the future progress scenario as I am also a machinist now. He felt motivated through my words and listened my guidance. After that he never looked back and continued his journey to become a successful machinist. He is working in senior position of a reputed MNC now. His father also feel proud now for his son’s remarkable achievement in his chosen career.

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