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Directions for Kids

magical maths for students

What is mean by Direction – So let’s see, dear students, is the direction correct, we have seen it since childhood, or since childhood someone tells us that I am going straight from there, I am going east, from east I am going west again for two kilometre and in all these things, if we […]

Classification Maths for Kids

magical maths for students

What is mean by classification? So dear students today let’s learn what exactly is classification. Classification has almost three types, in it is word classification second is letters classification and third is numbers classification in all these group classification in different ways in a very simple way let’s learn below how to classify in an […]

Analogy Test for Kids

magical maths for students

What is mean by Analogy Test? So let’s learn today, what is analogical test? In this you will be given different names and from that you will be given some examples if one object is related to this object and then another object is related to what.  Let’s see it in a very simple way […]

Clock Tricks for Kids

What is Clock? So, children, today we will learn how to answer the clock.  Then without delay let’s learn the clock There Are 6 Types Of Clock Mirror image Water image Find the angle Perpendicular External angle Opposite direction 1.) Mirror Image Therefore, we’ll discover important crucial info relevant clock mini versions.Quite undoubtedly, whatever piece […]

Subtraction Bar Method

Subtraction Bar Method Subtraction is the other part of Mathematics. In this the lager digit is to be subtracted from the smaller digit. Subtracting numbers with two or more digits, it is important to write the larger numbers on top of the smaller numbers. There are various methods of subtraction, Bar method is one of […]

Addition Dot Method

Addition Dot Method Tricks The process of adding the values of two numbers is called addition. We learn addition in school i.e. adding each column from right to left and carrying the extra’s to the next left side column to get our final answer. Sometime we find difficulty when more than two numbers are to […]

Letter Series Tricks

What is mean by Letter Series? Guys, today we are going to learn letter series, many times we get questions in the exam, when we get questions like XYZ, we are not able to answer quickly, today we are going to learn letter series in a very simple way.  So let’s start the letter series […]

Coding Decoding for Kids

magical maths for students

What is mean by coding and decoding? Hey dear students, today we are going to learn coding and decoding. Coding and decoding are an interesting topic to start studying for competitive tests with. It is simply a set of inquiries that are predicated on a few unspoken norms. About Coding and decoding – Simply put, […]

Division Tricks

magical maths for students

Division Tricks In division method we see two different numbers. The number on the right side of division symbol and the left side of the symbol is another number. The number which is divide is called dividend and the number by which is divide is called divisor.The answer is called quotient. 12÷ 4 = 3. […]

Cube Root Tricks

Cube Root Tricks When we use the term “cube root,” we mean the number that caused the cube to be present underneath the root. Cube root is a number that need to be multiplied three times to get the original number  The radical sign ∛ is used as a cube root symbol for any number […]