Biotechnology Course

Biotechnology: After 12th Courses, Duration, Top Colleges, Fees, Admission Process, Syllabus, Job Opportunities, and Salary

biotechnology course duration, eligibility, top colleges, fees, admission process, syllabus, job opportunities, and salary

Biotechnology: After 12th Courses, Duration, Top Colleges, Fees, Admission Process, Syllabus, Job Opportunities, and Salary

Biotechnology course is the field that allows candidates to utilize different technologies to develop essential products. BSc in Biotechnology and B. Tech in Biotechnology/BE in Biotechnology are one of the top undergraduate programme in this field.

Biotechnology Course

An amalgamation of many fields like chemistry, biology, mathematics, and technology is included in the Biotechnology stream. This field has a lot of innovations at the current time. The biotechnology field works towards solving problems for making lives on the earth better. The field of biotechnology has various applications in food production, agriculture, animal husbandry, textiles, pharmacy, and healthcare areas. Candidates having an interest in creating necessary and useful things from living organisms can surely apply to this course. Candidates will get to learn new technologies and how they work in the biotechnology field. In the modern scientific research area, this field is an important field. Because the courses in biotechnology mainly teach the modifications of products for human needs. Also, the Biotechnology field has immense career opportunities for the candidates.

Are Biotechnology Courses Suitable for Everyone?

Candidates who have passed 12th are suitable for applying to biotechnology courses. The Biotechnology course provides courses at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. In addition, this field gives practical knowledge for the medical field as well. So, those who want to pursue courses in biotechnology can read the eligibility criteria for the biotechnology courses. Have a look at that once to know a suitable course for yourself.

Best Courses to Pursue In Biotechnology?

Candidates must look at the following courses in Biotechnology. Interested candidates can read all the information about each course and they can select one of them to pursue.

  • BSc in Biotechnology
  • B. Tech in Biotechnology/BE in Biotechnology
  • MSc in Biotechnology
  • M. Tech in Biotechnology
  • PhD Biotechnology

Biotechnology Courses Duration

During the courses, candidates will get learn the technological application, chemical engineering principles, and Applied Biology. The duration of the BSc in Biotechnology course is 3 years and the B. Tech/B.E. in Biotechnology course is 4 years. MSc in Biotechnology and M. Tech in Biotechnology are postgraduate programmes of 2 years. After this, candidates can pursue Ph.D. Biotechnology will take 3 to 5 years to complete.

Required skills for a Biotechnology course

Biotechnologists or biotechnology students can learn to develop and modify products. To study biotechnology courses, various skills are required. The skills will help you to utilize the knowledge of the biotechnology course. Complex problem-solving skill is one of the most important skills in the biotechnology course which will be helpful to bring a solution to the problem. Along with this, having good communication skills can be beneficial for teamwork. For detailed knowledge, candidates need to pay attention to the detail as well. This can bring an innovative approach to your field. Analytical skills are also important while pursuing biotechnology courses for the comparison of products. So, this was all about skills that are required in the field of Biotechnology.

Biotechnology Course Top Colleges

Biotechnology courses are given below which are the top choices of the candidates. Those who are interested in pursuing these courses can check out the following list of top colleges or universities.

1.) University of Delhi, New Delhi

2.) Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee

3.) University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

4.) Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

Biotechnology Course Eligibility Criteria

  • The basic qualification for admission to Biotechnology courses is passing 12thstandard or 10+2 level from a recognized board.
  • For admission to BSc Biotechnology and B. Tech in Biotechnology, the candidate must have passed 10+2 class or class 12 with a minimum of 60% marks. Subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are compulsory in class 12 to be eligible for a Bachelor’s degree course in Biotechnology.
  • For the Post Graduate degree in biotechnology, Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in Biological science, biotechnology, or physics in the relevant field.

Candidates who have MSc or M. Tech in biotechnology courses from a recognized institute can apply for admission to Ph.D. in Biotechnology. 

Biotechnology Course Admission Process

The admission process for biotechnology courses is mainly conducted by colleges/institutes on the basis of class 12th merit. For the master’s degree admission, colleges will consider marks from the bachelor’s degree for the selection process. Also, entrance exams are also included in the admission process of biotechnology. AIIMS Biotechnology Entrance exam, GAT- B, BITSAT, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, and BHU PET are the important entrance tests which you can attend and score maximum marks. Most of the institutes will select candidates on the basis of entrance exam scores.

Biotechnology Course College Fees


Sr. no.


Colleges or Universities







University of Delhi, New Delhi


INR 80,000




Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee


INR 2,15,000




University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad


INR 41,000




Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai


INR 2,05,000

Biotechnology Course Subjects and Syllabus

Common Syllabus for BSc in Biotechnology, B. Tech in Biotechnology, MSc in Biotechnology, and M. Tech in Biotechnology

Fundamentals of Biochemistry, Biocomputing Biostatistics Advanced Biochemistry Animal Cell Technology
Advances in Plant Biotechnology Bio-instruments Immunology Bioinformatics
Cancer Biology Fermentation technology Genomics Enzyme Technology
Medical Biotechnology Food Microbiology Waste management Environmental Microbiology

Responsibilities of a Biotechnology Professional

Candidates who are graduated or Post-graduated in the biotechnology field have many responsibilities in molecular biology, genetics, the food area, an agricultural area, enzyme production, drink products, producing pharmaceutical drugs as well as medical treatments. The biotechnology courses pursuing candidates also need to conduct research where they will come up with an idea to improve human life. Sometimes, the candidates can collect living, blood samples, food samples, and tissue bacteria for culture for the test and further studies. Other responsibilities of the Biotechnology field contains result analysis, findings data records, lab work, designing research studies, monitoring experiments, etc. You can select your job role for biotechnology by checking the job profiles below.

Biotechnology Job Opportunities and Salary

Candidates have very exciting job opportunities in biotechnology. You can easily choose a suitable career option on the basis of skills and subject. The biotechnology field has many uses in agriculture, dairy production, the pharmaceutical industry, and farming. The job profile in biotechnology includes Clinical technicians, microbiologists, Biomanufacturing Specialists, Biomedical Technology Business managers as Product Specialists, and biochemists. The salary in this field varies according to the job profile. The biotechnology field offers a good salary amount for the fresher. The candidates after qualifying for courses in biotechnology can earn INR 50,000 per month as fresher. And, the experienced biotechnologist can earn up to INR 2, 00, 000 per month. The Posts such as pharmaceutical industry and Research development can earn up to INR 20, 00, 000 annually after getting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to become a Data Scientist after completing a Biotechnology course?

Yes. After B.Tech in Biotechnology, you can become a Data Scientist. For more reference, you must read the above article.

For admission to IIT Delhi, which entrance exam should I give?

JEE Main and JEE Advanced are the entrance exams that you need to appear for. A good number of marks can help you to take admission to IIT Delhi.

Which skills are needed for the B. Tech Biotechnology?

For the B. Tech Biotechnology, skills such as Interpersonal Skills, team working skills, Problem-solving skills, and Communication skills are required in this field.

What is the scope of biotechnology in India?

In India, students who are thinking of pursuing a biotechnology course have a good future ahead. The demand for biotechnology in today’s time is increasing a lot in our country. Moreover, students have a great opportunity to go for higher education studies as well. The agricultural sector, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and research sector are different sectors that offer jobs to these graduates.

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