Balanced diet

Question and answers :

1.) What do you mean by balanced diet ?

Answer :- The diet which contain all essential nutrients.

2.) Balance diet contain which food ?

Answer :- All the vegetables, fruits, rice, sprouted grains etc.

3.) Is milk a balanced diet ?

Answer :- Yes, milk is very good source of balanced diet.

4.) If you will not take balanced diet then what will happen ?

Answer :-If we will not take balanced diet then the condition of weakness will come.

5.) What you prefer to eat in breakfast ?

Answer :- Eggs, oat meal, milk.

6.) What you prefer to eat in lunch ?

Answer :- Chapati/bhakri, vegetables, rice etc.

7.) What you prefer to eat in dinner ?

Answer :- Pulses, vegetables, fried rice.

8.) Do you know sources of fats ?

Answer :-Milk, cheese, ghee.

Balanced diet is need to maintain proper weight of the body, keeps the body working and nourished also helps to repair skin problems. Balanced diet is something means to  take every food in normal amount and intake of every type of food.

1.) The most important part in balanced diet not to skip your food intake. Eat every type of food in enough amount which is needed to work the body.

2.) Drink enough water for proper digestion.

3.) There must be variety of food in you menu because single food do not provides all nutrients.

Therefore balanced diet is majorly made up of 5 foods such as fruits, vegetables, sugar, protein and dairy products.

So, these are some foods that you should eat daily for maintaining health, every type of fruit, green vegetables, meat has its own importance that gives us energy to perform the functions.

Balanced diet is even important in children for proper growth and nourishment. In adults it maintains the level of dietary fibers to avoid disease conditions.

1.)  Proteins : Help in boost immunity, growth, muscle and bone development. The sources of proteins are egg, chicken, fish, dal, milk and milk products.

2.)  Carbohydrates : They gives us major source of energy and needed for proper working of brain and heart. Its sources are vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruits, oats and wheat etc.

3.) Minerals : They are calcium, iodine, sodium, phosphorus, potassium helps in bone, teeth development and maintains the health of heart.

4.)  Fats : They are energy storage molecules, gives energy to the body and its sources are almonds, fish, walnuts.

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