Availability of oxygen to Animals

Availability of oxygen to Animals

In living earth, all living things is depends on one another for survive. Just take an example that Living beings is depending on milk, meat, eggs, and woolen from animal.

Same with plant also Living being is depend on plant for oxygen.

Air is present in everywhere. If there is nothing here then just assume always air is present in that space.

Let’s take an example of half filled cold drink bottle. We see only half bottle is cold drink present in bottle but at actual this statement is wrong. Correct answer is half bottle is filled with water and remaining space is covered by air.

So as per this we see Air is present in everywhere. Now the next How you will proves that water has Air space?

Oxygen in Land and sky Animals

We take oxygen from plant with the help of photosynthesis.

In photosynthesis plant use sunlight, water from soil and carbon dioxide gas from surrounding.

The result of photosynthesis is plant makes food and energy and out the oxygen in surroundings. Land animal is utilizing this oxygen for breathing.

Underground animals can take oxygen from soil. Animals which live inside the soil get oxygen for breathing from air and complete their respiration. Because of soil has a space and air can adjust in this space.

But in heavy rain this space occupied by air in the soil get filled

Oxygen in Water Animals

Animal which is survive in water and live in water is called as Aquatic Animal. Just imagine if human beings are going to stay in water how it works? Is that possible to survive?

The answer is NO, we can’t do this. Then aquatic animals can survive in water how this is happens?

Because in water already oxygen is present but in dissolved form.

Water of ponds, rivers, damps, lakes has dissolved form of oxygen.

Then aquatic animal used this oxygen and survive without coming from water for oxygen. They can perform their respiration in water.

Aquatic Animals take oxygen from water and complete their respiration.

If we push glass, bottle or anything which have a blank space to fill water then observe what will happen in water.

It starts to raise Bubbles in water. Therefore, it shows water has air space that why bubbles is coming out from air.

Even observe boiling water, when water is starts boiling with the help of heat. Bubbling is started, as means dissolved air of water is coming out in the form of bubbles.

Question 1) why dissolved oxygen is important?

Answer- Aquatic animals and plant needs oxygen for respiration so they use dissolved oxygen.

Question 2) why soil insect is coming out from soil in rainy season?

Answer- Air is present in soil but in rainy season, rain water is enter in soil and get a space of air so animals unable to breath, no air is left because of rainy water therefore, soil insect is coming out from soil in rainy season.

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