We live in atmosphere. For all living things some basic things is important to survive like air, water, sunlight, etc. These are basic needs of living things. In this chapter we will start to learning about AIR in brief.

Air in constantly present in our surrounding. If air can present in movable form it called as wind.

Air is one kind of mixture which can present in all over our surrounding and helps us to survive. Without air we can’t imagine staying because breathing process is natural and must thing in human beings, for that breathing needs oxygen for human beings.

We can take oxygen from surrounding’s Air. Now we can learn here about its need but what about their existence?

How we can determine that air is present in surrounding?

If you observe in surrounding you can see sometimes some movement which you can feel only. Unable to identify the Air or see this.

Like you ran rapidly then you feel warm and suddenly feeling cool so this is just because of cool air is present there.

Leaves of trees are moving, dry dust can travel from one place to another, dry leaves or weightless things can fly little, hanging clothes can move, kites can fly in sky, etc. these are the examples where air is present in surrounding.

Air has no smell and taste, air is mixed with surroundings texture and smells like this. Let’s take an example of garden air. In garden we see number of flowers, fruits and plants. So air can mix with this and spread with this smell. We can take an example of dirty place then air will smells like bad.

Question 1) why we can see air?

Answer- Air is colourless so due to this we only feel it not to see this.

Question 2) what is Atmosphere?

Answer- A layer of Air which is present on earth is called as atmosphere.

Question 3) we cannot live without atmosphere. Explain.

Answer- Atmosphere contains much kind of useful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen which can complete our air. Atmosphere is cover of living earth. Therefore we can’t survive without air.

Question 4) what will happens when there is no atmosphere is present on earth?

Answer- Atmosphere has ability to trap radiations which passes from sunlight. So atmosphere passes healthy sunlight to earth, if there is no atmosphere there is no air present on earth and it is impossible to survive without that things so atmosphere is essential to survive.


Atmosphere is a layer of air which covers earth and helps to survive living things on earth.

Atmosphere has few layers which can divide according to their respected temperature and presence of air.

Atmosphere consist 6 Layers.

  • Troposphere
  • Stratosphere
  • Mesosphere
  • Thermosphere
  • Ionosphere
  • Exosphere


Troposphere is a first layer nearest to the earth surface surrounding.

This layer is responsible for changing weather of earth.

Sky clouds are exists in this layer.

Troposphere is starting from ground level of earth where we can live and continue approximately up to 10 km. ending of troposphere starts the next layer i.e. stratosphere.

Question 1) what is Tropo-pause?

Answer- The ending of troposphere and starts new layer i.e. stratosphere, that boundary phase is called as Tropo-pause.


Stratosphere is present on next to troposphere.

Earth’s protecting layer i.e. ozone layer is present in this layer.

Aeroplane is travel in this layer of atmosphere.

When we are going to start in height stratosphere is getting hot.

Stratosphere starts from troposphere upto next 50km from ground level.


1) Why ozone layer is called as protecting layer of earth?

Answer- ozone layer absorbs highly energized rays called as ultra violet rays passes from the sun. Directly comes in contact of ultra violet rays is dangerous to living things. Ozone protects us from this and converting UV lights in heat. Therefore ozone layer is called as protecting layer of earth.


Mesosphere is present on just next layer to stratosphere. It is cool layer.

This layer is starts from 85km from ground level.

When started travelling from stratosphere to mesosphere temperature is decreases and feels cooler.


Thermo is stands for thermal energy.

Thermosphere is one of the hottest layers of atmosphere.

Percentage of Air in this layer is near about zero.

Temperature of thermosphere is approximately more than 1500℃.

Space shuttle is present in thermosphere.

This layer is directly absorb high energized sunlight just because of this thermosphere is hottest and can be found between 500 and approximately 1000 km from ground.


Ionosphere is in between the mesosphere and thermosphere.

Ionosphere does not have any constant temperature.

Many satellites are stay in this layer. Ionosphere is playing important role in our digital life.

Radio, GPS signal is travel in ionosphere. So if changes occur in ionosphere layer it may be disturbs satellites working and digital signals also.

Question 1) why ionosphere is glowing constantly?

Answer- ionosphere is gain energy from sunlight and molecules which are present in layer this get excited and charged so it emits light therefore it seems like glowing all the time.

Question 2) which important role is done by Ionosphere?

Answer- Ionosphere helps to transfer radio, GPS digital signals to earth.


Exosphere is last cover of atmosphere.

From this layer space is started. Atmosphere layer is ended here.

Air level is too-too thinnest in this layer. There is undefined boundary of exosphere.

Approximately top of exosphere is near about in between 1, 00,000 km and 190,000 km from ground level. It is not clear.

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