Assam SCERT Class 8 English Lesson 7 Sympathy Solution

Assam SCERT Class 8 English Lesson 7 Sympathy Question Answer Solution

Assam Board Class 8 English Lesson 7 Sympathy all Question’s easy Solution by expert teachers. Assam SCERT Class 8 English Lesson 7 Sympathy Solution.


1.) Read the poem and choose the correct options to complete the sentences

a.) The poet was in deep sorrow. A proud man came and helped him  by-

Answer:- giving him gold.

b.) When the poet lay in want and  grief, the one who helped him was 

 Answer:- a poor man

c.) The poor man gave the poet

Answer:- sympathy   

d.) When the poet’s sorrow passed, he went to the proud man and

 Answer:- gave him back the gold.

e.) The poet refers to sympathy as ‘heavenly’ because of sympathy.

Answer:- is a blessing from God

2.) (a) Questions 

i.) How did the proud person help the poet when the poet was unhappy?

The proud person gave the poet who was unhappy, gold so that his sorrow would disappear.

ii.) What did the poor man do when he found the poet lying in pain and sadness?

The poor man bound the poet’s head, took care of him and fed him as well as gave him shelter.

iii.) Why does the poet think that he cannot help the man back in the same way?

The reason being that , one can pay back a person in terms of money or gold if he has received the same from the person. But, the amount of kindness received cannot be reciprocated or measured up to.

iv.)  Why is the poor man’s help greater than gold?

The poet here highlights the difference between materialistic and un materialistic assistance. Even though the poor man did not have much to give, he gave his care and nurtured the poet despite his own miseries.

v.) “Oh, gold is great but greater far is heavenly sympathy.” Why does the poet think so?

Gold that symbolizes materialistic happiness is great as it is worth a lot and valuable and in exchange one can buy many items to lead a good life. However, sympathy is heavenly because when a person is emotionally vulnerable at that instant money cannot buy him happiness. Sympathy provides him comfort .

 b.) Find in the poem lines that match the meaning of the following sentences.

i.) I was sad and unhappy- I lay in sorrow, deeply distressed.

ii.) I was in need and was sad and hurt – I lay in want and grief, and pain.

iii.) He fed me  and took care of me. – He bound my head, he gave me bread, He watched me night and day.

iv.) Gold is valuable but sympathy and love  are far more valuable.- Oh, gold is great but greater far is heavenly sympathy.

c.) Make sentences with the following phrases:

i.) Look was cold:  My roommate’s looks were cold which is why i tried talking less with him.

ii.) night and day: I have worked night and day to make this project successful.

iii.) pay him back:  My senior at college has helped me so much during my crisis, I wish i could pay him  back.

3.) Below are some lines from the poem with some words underlined. Choose the correct meanings of the words from the options given in brackets.


a.) I Lay in sorrow, deeply  distressed(tired/unhappy/angry)

Answer: distressed-unhappy

b.) He gave me gold(money/jewelry/sheets)

Answer:- Gold- money

c.) And blessed his charity(money/kind help/pride)

Answer:- Charity-kind help

d.) A poor man passed my way(to move past/stopped me)

Answer: passed- to move past .

e.) Is heavenly sympathy(selfishness/godly goodness/pride)

Answer:- Heavenly- godly goodness

f.) Greater far is heavenly sympathy( the feeling of being sorry at another’s sadness/ the feeling of pain/ a superior feeling)

Answer:- sympathy- the feeling of being sorry at another’s sadness.

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