Assam SCERT Class 8 English Lesson 5 Louis Pasteur Solution

Assam SCERT Class 8 English Lesson 5 Louis Pasteur Question Answer Solution

Assam Board Class 8 English Lesson 5 Louis Pasteur all Question’s easy Solution by expert teachers. Assam SCERT Class 8 English Lesson 5 Louis Pasteur Solution.

1.) Answer the following questions to check your understanding:

a.) What happened one day while Louis Pasteur was playing with his friends?

Ans- One day while he was playing with a friend he saw a man running in his direction. The was was frightened and said that a man had been bit by the mad wolf

b.) What does rabies cause in human beings?

Ans- A virus causes rabies, in both humans and other mammals result in the brain’s  inflammation. Rabies makes animals crazy and eventually kills them.

c.) What experiment did Pasteur conduct on rabbits?

Ans- In his tests, he successfully cured the sick rabbits by administering the same virus to them that was causing the disease.

d.) Who was Pasteur’s first human patient? Was his treatment successful?

Ans- On July 6, 1885, a boy was returning from school when he was bitten by a mad dog.  This boy was Pasteur’s first  human patient.

Yes, his treatment was successful and the boy was treated of the ailment.

e.) Where and when did the French government establish the Pasteur Institute? What is it famous for?

Ans- The Pasteur Institute was founded in Paris by the French government in 1888. This institution specializes in the study of biology, microbes, illnesses, and vaccines.

2.) You must have noticed that the lesson has many words related to disease. Read the lesson carefully and note down all these words in the word web below.

3.) Here are five friends sharing information about diseases. Complete their dialogues with information from the lesson.

a.) Puja:- Beware of animal bites, you may get rabies

b.) Rohan:- Measles is a deadly disease. It can lead to Pneumonia, Diarrhoea etc.

c.) Pushpa:- Rubella infection can lead to children born with congenital birth defects such as blindness, deafness, mental retardation, congenital heart defects.

d.) Jumon:- The Anopheles mosquito is a carrier of Malaria.

4.) Do you know what a flowchart is? It is a diagram that shows how one things leads to the next. Read the lesson once again and complete the flowchart to show the chain of events. The first entry has been inserted for you.

6.) (c) Now complete these sentences using the simple present or the past continuous forms of the verbs in brackets: 


i.) we play football in the afternoon(play).

ii.) The sun rises in the east(rise).

iii.) Don’t make a noise; the baby is sleeping(sleep).

iv.)Someone is knocking at the door; can you hear it?(knock)

v.) The man is running towards the bus.(run)

vi.) The bus usually comes at 8 o’ clock.(come)

vii.) He is preparing for an engineering entrance examination.(prepare)

viii.) He is learning German.(learn)

7.) (c) Let’s see how much you have understood. Complete these sentences using the simple past or the past continuous forms of the verbs brackets.

i.) Louis Pasteur died in 1895.(die)

ii.) Pasteur knew that the mad wolf was suffering from rabies.(suffer)

iii.)When I reached his house, he was having lunch.(have)

iv.) I arrived last evening.(arrive)

v.) The boys were playing football when it suddenly began to rain.(play)

11.) Look at the sentences. They are in Direct speech. Imagine you are reporting the conversation to someone. Rewrite the sentences in Indirect/Reported speech.


a) Louis asked him what the matter was.

b) The woman asked Louis if he could save her son

c) Louis said to the boy that he would do whatever he could.

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