Assam SCERT Class 7 English Lesson 1 Hobbies Solution

Assam SCERT Class 7 English Lesson 1 Hobbies Question Answer Solution

Assam scert class 7 english hobbiesAssam Board Class 7 English Lesson 1 Hobbies all Question’s easy Solution by expert teachers. Assam SCERT Class 7 English Lesson 1 Hobbies Solution.


1.) Let’s find out how much we have understood:

(a) What is a hobby?

Answer – We love to occupy ourselves with different activities in our free time, such as singing, dancing, painting, reading, traveling etc. These kind of activities which give us fan and joy are hobby.

(b) What do hobbies give us?

Answer – Hobbies give us pleasure, fun and joy.

(c) What is philately? What difficulty would you face if you take up philately?

Answer – Collecting and study of stamps is called philately.

The difficulty we would face if we take up philately is with the advancement of technology, communication systems have changed. So people use lots of other different communication ways. So collecting stamps is a bit hard nowadays.

(d) What is Irfan’s hobby? What does he like to do?

Answer – Irfan’s hobby is painting.

He likes to sit and paint landscapes.

(e) Name a few indoor and outdoor hobbies.

Answer – Indoor hobbies are singing, dancing, reading etc.

Outdoor hobbies are playing, gardening etc.

(f) What is a kitchen garden?

Answer – A kitchen garden is where vegetables are grown.

(g) “Every morning I water the plants and clean the beds.” – What does ‘beds’ mean here?

Answer – Here ‘beds’ mean the area which is used to plant vegetables, flower and other plants.

2.) A synonym is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. Example: happy – joyful.

From the box below, choose words which are synonyms of the given words, and write each synonym next to the word in the blanks below:

(a) joy – pleasure, happiness

(b) beautiful – pretty, lovely

(c) active – energetic, sporty

(d) leisure – spare time, free time

(e) start – begin, launch

(f) develop – evolve, grow

Page – 14



5.) Parveen ‘s hobby is baking. Fill in the blanks in the paragraph below with words that rhyme with bake, such as shake:

Juri said to Parveen, “Please tell me how to bake a cake .” Parveen replied, “Preheat the oven to 350°F and gather all the ingredients you need to bake a cake. Take 2 cups of flour, 4 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup butter or oil, l teaspoon baking powder and vanilla essence. You will need a cake pan and a sieve too. Put the flour and baking powder into the sieve. Shake the sieve to remove lumps, if any. Cream the butter and sugar. Add a few drops of vanilla essence. Take care to make the mixture light and creamy. Beat in the eggs and crack them one at a time. Add the dry mixture to the wet mixture little by little. Don’t forget to grease the cake pan and dust it with flour. Then take the smooth mixture and pour it into the pan. Place the mixture in the oven till your cake turns golden brown.”

Page – 15

6.) Now, think of a place you want to visit during your vacation and prepare your itinerary:

Destination – Shimla

Duration of stay – 4 days

Date of departure – 20th October

Date of arrival – 25th October

Place of stay – Hotel Royal Residency

What to do – We will visit the root bridge, the Seven Sister falls, Elephant falls and many other places. We will also try the local dishes especially momos.

Page – 16

7.) Try to use these idioms in sentences of your own. You can look up the dictionary to learn their meaning.

Blessing in disguise – The player getting out was a blessing in disguise.

Bag and baggage – Ravi threw that man out, bag and baggage.

Beat about the bush – Pravina should shop beating the bush when it comes to talk about the issue.

8.) In class VI you learnt that we can make a new word by adding a suffix, i.e., a letter or a group of letters at the end of a word. In the exercise below, write the new words by adding – ment at the end of the words. One is done for you.

1) Advancement

2) Treatment

3) Encouragement

4) Entertainment

Page – 17

Now read the lesson and write in the box the words ending with the following suffixes:

-ion -ing -ment
Combination Collecting Advancement
Communication Gardening  
Competition Traveling  

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