Assam SCERT Class 5 English Lesson 2 The Joy of Helping Solution

Assam SCERT Class 5 English Lesson 2 The Joy of Helping Question Answer Solution

Assam Board Class 5 English Lesson 2 The Joy of Helping all Question’s easy Solution by expert teachers. Assam SCERT Class 5 English Lesson 2 The Joy of Helping Solution.

The Joy of Helping Lesson 2 Question Answer



Page – 22

1.) Let’s check how much we have understood. Choose the correct alternative from the following options.

a.) The headmaster was talking about

i) Flood damage

ii) soil erosion

iii) earthquake disasters

iv) deforestation

Answer – iii) earthquake disasters.


Page – 23

b.) The headmaster sought contributions from the teachers and students –

i) To help the flood affected people

ii) to organise a function at school

iii) to help earthquake hit people

iv) to go for a picnic

Answer – iii) to help earthquake hit people.


c.) Raju thought of contributing –

i) Bread, butter and fruits

ii) bread, biscuits and fruits

iii) clothes, water and money

iv) water, biscuit and bread

Answer –ii) bread, biscuits and fruits


d.) The contributions were carried to the earthquake affected area in –

i) A cart

ii) a goods van

iii) a mini truck

iv) a tractor

Answer –ii) a goods van


e.) The team members of the school felt very –

i) Happy to help the people in misery

ii) funny at helping the people in misery

iii) sad to help the people in misery

iv) worried about helping the people in misery

Answer –i) Happy to help the people in misery


Page – 24

2.) Arrange the following sentences as it happened in the lesson :

iii) People have lost their homes and belongings.

i) Tomorrow, after morning assembly we will collect your contributions.

iv) During the lunch break, Nita, Gita and Raju were discussing their contributions.

v) The goods van and team of volunteers including Raju and Rita then left for their destination.

ii) The team members field very happy to have helped the people in distress.


3.) Let’s read, think and write

a.) While going to school, you find a puppy in a muddy ditch. The puppy has fallen into the ditch and is struggling to come out. What will you do in this situation? Write three sentences on the action you would take.

Answer –In this above mentioned situation, I will definitely help the puppy. First I will try to take him out from the ditch. Then I will clean the puppy and give him some foods to eat.


b.) One of your friends gets injured in a friendly football match at your school. Write three sentences on how you will help him.

Answer –Firstly I will go bring some water to wash the wound. I will bring the first aid box to apply medicine. After that I will call his parents.


Page – 25

4.) Choose the appropriate meaning of the underlined words from the given options


a.) “The earthquake destroyed many areas of our neighbouring district”

i) Broken

ii) Moved

iii) Built

iv) Damaged

Answer –iv) Damaged


b.) “The teachers and students then left for their destination”. Destination here refers to :

i) The playground

ii) Their school

iii) Distant village

iv) Earthquake affected place

Answer –iv) Earthquake affected place.


c) They were very sad to see the plight and misery of the people.

i) Playful environment

ii) Difficult and sad situation

iii) Happy situation

iv) faces

Answer – ii) Difficult and sad situation


d.) Everyone was very grateful to the volunteers for their help.

i) Satisfied

ii) Happy

iii) Thankful

iv) Joyful

Answer –Thankful


Page – 26

5.) Read the following sentences

The first sentence expresses sadness and the second sentence expresses happiness. Now, choose appropriate words from the butterfly and write in the boxes to make meaningful sentences :

i) A kind man shows – Kindness

ii) A happy man shows – Happiness

iii) A sincere person shows – Sincerity

iv) A brave soldier shows –Bravery

v) An honest man shows – Honesty


6.) Read the following line

Page – 27

7.) Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word

(Players, birds, books, elephants, flowers)

a.) A team of players

b.) A flock of birds

c.) A bunch of flowers

d.) A bundle of books

e.) A heard of elephants


Page –28

10.) a.) Now, complete the following passage with the words given in the help box

(Was taking, was walking, were walking, was sitting)

Rohit, Nikhil and Anjuma were walking to school. Abhi was sitting in his wheelchair. His father was walking behind him. He was taking Abhi to school.


10.) b.) Write what you are doing at the following time yesterday.

i) At 8 o’clock in the morning yesterday, I was eating my breakfast.

ii) At 4 o’clock in the evening yesterday, I was playing with my friends.


Page – 30

13.) b) Complete this sentences with the polite forms of given below

i.) I am very sorry I broke your pencil.

ii.) Excuse me can I borrow your pen?

iii.) Please write a letter to me.

iv.) Would you mind bring a glass of water for me?


14.) Now, make words by dubbing the last letter and adding ‘ing’ to them

Clap – Clapping

Sit – Sitting

Hop – Hopping

Tap – Tapping


15.) Add ‘ly’ to make new words. Write the words. One is done for you.

1) Obediently

2) Neatly

3) Honestly

4) Kindly

5) Intelligently


Page – 31

16.) Imagine your in a school summer camp. Write three things you should do and three things you should not do. Use the words given in the box.

(Obey my teachers, tell lies, quarrel, share my things, talk softly, make a noise)

I should

i) Obey my teachers.

ii) Share my things.

iii) Talk softly.

I should not

i) Tell lies.

ii) Quarrel.

iii) Make a noise.

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