Assam SCERT Class 4 English Lesson 6 The Golden Voice Solution

Assam SCERT Class 4 English Lesson 6 The Golden Voice Question Answer Solution

Assam Board Class 4 English Lesson 6 The Golden Voice all Question’s easy Solution by expert teachers. Assam SCERT Class 4 English Lesson 6 The Golden Voice Solution.

The Golden Voice Lesson 6 Question Answer


Write the name of musical instruments have you seen

Tabla, Harmonium, Guitar, Flute, Tanpura



Page –74

1.) Choose the correct option from the following:

A.) Arun and Aziz were –

i.) Working fast

ii.) Walking fast

iii.) Walking first

iv.) Working first

Answer – ii) Walking fast


B.) Arun and Aziz were standing under a –

i) Big and small tree

ii) Tall tree

iii) Big and tall tree

iv) Big tree

Answer – iii) Big and tall tree


C.) Aziz’s father was worried because –

i) Aziz might lose his legs

ii) Aziz might lose his hearing

iii) Aziz might lose his arms

iv) Aziz might lose his eyesight

Answer – iv) Aziz might lose his eyesight


D.) The music teacher told Aziz to –

i) Study every day

ii) Walk every day

iii) Practice every day

iv) Play the tabla every day

Answer – iii) Practice every day


Page – 75

2.) Write the answers to the following questions


a.) Where were Arun and Aziz coming from?

Answer –Arun and Aziz were coming from Banajit’s birthday party.


b.) What was Arun afraid of?

Answer – Arun was afraid of thunder and lightning.


c.) What was Aziz worried about?

Answer – Aziz was worried that he was absent from school for many days.


d.) Why was Aziz’s father worried?

Answer – Aziz’s father was worried that Aziz might lose his eyesight.


Page – 76

5) Use the clues to make words on the weather and the crossword puzzle :


Air that moves quickly – Wind

Water that falls from the sky in drops – Rain

A loud noise that you hear after a flash of lightning –Thunder


Condition of atmosphere at particular time –Weather

Very bad weather with strong wind and rain often thunder and lightning –Storm


6) Fill in the missing letters to form words related to weather. The first one is done for you.

a.) Sunny

b.) Windy

c.) Rainy

d.) Stormy

e.) cloudy


What did you notice? All the words end with “Y”

7) Write a few sentences about a rainy day using some of the words from the box below

( Muddy, cloudy, cool, wet, heavy, windy)

It is a rainy day. The sky is cloudy. The whole place is wet and fields are muddy. No one is outside due to heavy rain. The weather is cool and windy.


Page – 78

8) Now, make sentences with following group of words :

(On Sunday, in the morning, in the evening, next morning)

On Sunday we will go to park.

I wake up early in the morning.

In the evening Sima practice singing.

Ram had a cricket match on Sunday and he had exam next morning.


Page – 79

9) Fill in the blanks with words from the box. They show time relationships. You can use a word more than once.

(On, at, after, in)

a.) I will reach school at 9 a.m.

b.) Our school will reopen after bihu.

c.) I will do my homework in the evening.

d.) My friends will come to my house on Sunday.

e.) I like to listen to stories at night.


10) Now, write a few sentences about yourself using some of these words.

I wake up early in the morning. Then I brush my teeth and after that I eat breakfast. I get ready. Our school bus comes to pick me up at 9 a.m. I like to be on time. After coming back from school I play with my friends in the evening.


Page –81

14) Look at the clock and write the time


Now write what you and your family members for doing yesterday evening at this time.

1) I was playing in the field with my friends.

2) My father was watching television news.

3) My mother was working on the kitchen.

4) My grandfather and grandmother was sitting outside in the garden.


Page –82

16) Write the naming words under the correct columns







Black shirt



Water bottle

Now, choose any two naming words from the above list and make two sentences with them

Arzu is playing football.

Juri is a brilliant student.


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