Assam SCERT Class 4 English Lesson 3 Who has seen the Wind ? Solution

Assam SCERT Class 4 English Lesson 3 Who has seen the Wind ? Question Answer Solution

Assam Board Class 4 English Lesson 3 Who has seen the Wind ? all Question’s easy Solution by expert teachers. Assam SCERT Class 4 English Lesson 3 Who has seen the Wind ? Solution.

Who has seen the Wind ? Lesson 3 Question Answer



Page –35

3) Read the sentences in box A. We can join each of them with a matching part in box B by using the word ‘but’. One is done for you :

A   B
The grasshopper has wings The Ant does not
We cannot see the wind But We can feel it
The Ant is tiny The grasshopper is small
It was a sunny day The wind was cold


Answer –

The grasshopper has wings but the ant does not.

We cannot see the wind but we can feel it.

The Ant is tiny but the grasshopper is small.

It was a sunny day but the wind was cold.


Now, make three more sentences from the boxes using the word ‘but’.

Arka is tall but Sima is short.

Yesterday we went to toy shop but it was closed.

Raghu has a bike but he doesn’t use it much.


4) Read these words. They describe the wind and the Strom.

Now, write two sentences to describe the pictures given above. You can begin like this.

A cold wind is blowing.

A heavy Strom broke.

Gentle wind is blowing the leaf of the tree.

A sudden storm hit the city yesterday.


Page – 36

6) Match the following

Neither you nor I                      Played in winter.

Neither Hop nor Annie            knew how to read.

Neither he nor his mother      have seen the wind.

Answer –

Neither you nor I                      have seen the wind.

Neither Hop nor Annie            played in winter.

Neither he nor his mother      knew how to read.


Page – 37

8) Look at the picture above. It is spring season Assam.

Let’s talk

a) Name the festival that you celebrate during this season.

Answer –‘Bohag bihu’is the festival that celebrate during this season.

b) Name the flowers that bloom during this season.

Answer –Togor, Nahor, Lily bloom during this season.

c) Name the bird/birds that visit during this season.

Answer –Cuckoo, Goose visit during this season.

d) What do you like to do during this season.

Answer –during this season we enjoy lots of festival and the weather is also pleasant, so we go for vacation every year.


Page – 39

13) Puzzle : Rearrange the letters in the conversation. Find out what they are saying :

Boy – How are you?

Girl –I am fine, thank you!


14) Write questions to complete the conversation. Practice the conversation with your partner :

Anil : I fell down yesterday and broke my leg.

Amol : What were you doing?

Anil : I was climbing tree.

Amol : Why were you climbing tree?

Anil : I was trying to bring down my kite.

Amol : What kite?

Anil : My friends were flying kites.

Amol : Where were you flying kite?

Anil : I was flying kite in the football field.


Page – 41

17) Write three things you should do to keep the environment clean :

a) We should use dustbins for throwing garbage.

b) We should recycle plastic bags.

c) We should use toilet for littering.


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