Assam Jatiya Bidyalay Class 8 English Solution Chapter 5 Casabianca

Assam Jatiya Bidyalay Class 8 English Solution Chapter 5 Casabianca

Here in this post we have given Assam Jatiya Bidyalay (AJB) Class 8 English Solution Chapter 5 Casabianca. Casabianca Chapter all Question and Answer by our English Sir. Hope this solution will help You!

Chapter 5 – Casabianca

1.) What were the main themes of Felicia Hemans’ poetry? 1

Ans: Nature, childhood, travels and heroic stories, were the main themes of Felicia Hemans’ poetry.

2.) Where was Casabianca standing? 1

Ans: Casabianca was standing on the burning deck of the ship.

3.) Why could his father not hear his voice? 1

Ans: His father became faint and was unconscious due to the fire in the ship. That’s why, his father could not hear his voice.

4.) What did the people in the ship do when it caught fire? What did Casabianca do then? 1+1=2

Ans: The people in the ship fled for their life as the ship caught fire, but Casabianca was still on the ship standing alone for his father.

5.) How does the poet describe Casabianca standing in the fire? 2

Ans: The poet described Casabianca as, a beautiful and bright kid who was born to rule the storm; He further mentioned him as a proud creature of heroic blood, who would not go without his father.

6.) Why does the poet call the young heart the ‘noblest thing’? 2

Ans: Casabianca did not move from his place following his father’s words. His father became unconscious in the fire and could not hear his shouts and cries. At last Casabianca was burnt to death by the fire. Hence, the poet call the young heart the ‘noblest thing’.

7.) Describe the scene of the burning ship.

Ans: The fire wrapt the ship in splendour wild. The fire caught the flag and spread very high above in the sky. Due to the fire, the ship broke down into fragments all around the sea.

8.) Explain with reference to the context. 3

“Upon his brow he felt their breath,

And in his waving hair;

And looked from that lone post of death,

In still, yet brave despair.”

Ans: These lines were taken from the poem, ‘Casabianca’. In these lines the poet meant that the boy felt the fire reaching his hair, but still he was standing alone as he knew his death was inevitable. The boy was disappointed as he couldn’t listen to his father and was not ready to die so young. The poet conveyed the message of bravery and loyalty to his father in these lines.

9.) Give rhyming words for the following. ½ x8 = 4

deck, form, done, cried, breath, aloud, fair, sky

Ans: deck – wreck, form – storm, done – son, cried – replied, breath – death, aloud – shrond, fair – there, sky – high.

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