Asexual reproduction MCQs with Answers

Asexual reproduction (Unicellular and Multicellular organisms) MCQs

Hello to all the students. Our today’s MCQs are on the topic “Asexual Reproduction”. As we know, all the living organisms that are present on the earth can reproduce and asexual reproduction is a type of reproduction in Unicellular and Multicellular. When a single individual or organism is involved in the reproduction then it is an asexual reproduction. The unicellular asexual reproduction is occurs by the division of a whole cell. There are five types of asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms.

This set ofMCQ will add more knowledge to your studies about asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms.

MCQ.1 Which of the following process does the production of identical offspring from an individual organism.

a)Sexual reproduction

b)Asexual reproduction


d) Both a) and c)

MCQ.2) Organisms which are structurally and functionally identical individuals in the Asexual reproduction are …………………..



c) Identical offspring

d) Clones

MCQ. 3) Which is the mode or way of asexual reproduction in the organisms?

a) Fragmentation

b) Gametes formation

c) Fertilization

d) Germination

MCQ.4) Which of the following part of the plant develops into a new plant under proper conditions in the vegetative propagation.

a) From the Roots and Stem

b) From the Roots only

c) From the Fruits and leaves only

d) From the Roots, Stem and leaves

MCQ.5) In the organisms like Hydra, Budding type of reproduction occurs by the ……………….. Cells.

a)Granular cells

b)Plasma cells

c)Regenerative cells

d)Nerve cells

MCQ.6) In which of the following organism binary fission method of asexual reproduction takes place?

a) Spirogyra

b) Paramoecium

c) Hydra

d) Planaria

MCQ.7) When an individual is broken up into many pieces and the ability of that organism to grow as separate individual from those pieces is a ………………… type of Asexual reproduction.

a) Fragmentation

b) Binary fission

c) Spore formation

d) Regeneration

MCQ.8) Which organism is capable of reproducing from its own root part by the vegetative propagation?




d)None of them

MCQ.9). Which of the following organism have whip-like structure at the one end of the cell?



c) Leishmania

d) Yeast

MCQ.10) In Asexual reproduction, only one parent takes part and the offspring is …………….. Identical.




d)None of them

MCQ.11) The plants that are grown up by ……………….. May bear flowers and fruits earlier than those plants which are produced from seeds.


b)Vegetative propagation




1) b) Asexual reproduction

2) d) Clones


4)d) From the Roots, Stem and leaves

5) c)Regenerative cells

6)b) Paramoecium

7)d) Regeneration

8)a) Asparagus

9)c) Leishmania

10)b) Genetically

11) b) Vegetative propagation

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