Articles is ‘A’, ‘An’, ‘The’.


First one comes with ‘The.’ Here the question is where ‘The’ is placed?

First Point: Any of things, Any of Books, Any of creature, which is one and only in the world, in the past of this word ‘The’ is placed.

Example: The Tajmahal, The Gita, The Ramayana etc.

Second Point: Any of country, Caste, particular any of things, in the past of this word ‘The’ is placed.

Example: The USA, The England, The Ganges, The English, The Bengali, The Earth, The Sun, The Sky etc.

Ram is going to the market (Here particular place is mentioned that’s why ‘The’ is placed)

Third Point: Except of above point ‘The’ is also placed in the past of Superlative Degree.

Example: The longest river. (Here ‘The’ is placed for the reason is, there are many rivers in the world but Longest is only one) same reason The first boy (First boy is only one).

The best girl (The word of Best is used only for particular body).

*Degree is classified in three ways- 1. Positive degree (which is used for so many persons or things) 2. Comparative Degree (Used for comparing the two things) 3. Superlative degree (It is used by comparing all the things / all the persons)


Subhadeep is a good boy.(Positive)

Subhadeep is better than Kunal. (Comparative)

Subhadeep is the best boy in the class. (Superlative)

In the degree page we will discussed about details. Now we are come in Article.

After the article ‘The’, we are discussed about A and An.

‘A’ and ‘An’ both are used in the past of word, as the meaning of One. At first we are start with An


  1. If any of word is start with vowel, then the past of this word ‘An’ is placed.

Example: An Apple, An eye, an Island, An Oldman, An Ultramarine etc.

*If the pronunciation of the word is start with ‘U’ or ‘OA’ , then the past of this word ‘A’ is placed.

Example: A University), A European), A One rupee coin (One is start with the pronunciation ‘OA’).

  1. If the pronunciation of consonant is start with A / O / AA / E, then the past of this word ‘An’ is placed, because the pronunciation of those word is like Vowel.

Like Example: An M.A (pronunciation is like A), An L.L.B (pronunciation is like A), An honest man (pronunciation is like O), An hour (pronunciation is like AA).

  1. Basically ‘A’ is placed in past of word start with consonant.

Example: A B.A., A Chocolate, A Dairy Milk, A Gun etc,

*Remember, the word start with vowel also ‘A’ is placed in the past, which is already discussed in (1) number.

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