Facts, Information, Scientific Name of Armyworm

A moth has a short-lived life but has unique characteristics that are of great significance.


Common name – Armyworm moth.

Scientific name – Spodoptera frugiperda.

Type – Insect

Size – 30mm-40 mm

Identify the Armyworm moth.

Armyworm moths are Brown and White. Males have more marks than females.

Where it is located?

Armyworm moths are found in North America, South America, Canada, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

What do they eat?

The food of the Armyworm moth is Grasses, grains crops such as corn and depends on 80 different plant species.

They are fond of the nectar of the Witch Hazel Flower.

Armyworm moth larvae cab consume another small larva when the food is scarce.

Life Cycle of an Armyworm moth.

A female mates once every night. She flies upon the top of the host plants of armyworm moths.

The female releases pheromone, a chemical sensed by the male when she wishes to mate.

After mating, the Female lays around 1500 eggs underside of the leaves.

Larvae- Larval stage of. Armyworm moth has 6 different instars(formations) for 14-16 days.

Larvae cannot survive cold temperatures.

Pupa- Armyworm pupate underground for 7-37 stages. The cocoon of an Armyworm is made up of silk and soil.


Armyworm moths live for 10 days to 21 days.

They are a nocturnal species.

Armyworm moths migrate for 300 miles, with the help of air currents.

They can migrate from the United States to South Canada.

Armyworm moths are eaten by Birds, Rodents, Beetles, Insects etc.

Armyworm moths migrate before the seasonal conditions are favourable for predators.


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