Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Chapter 5A Bonsai Life (Part I)

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 English Bonsai Life (Part I) Question and Answers

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Unit 5 Chapter 5A Bonsai Life (Part I) Question and answers. Students who are searching for Andhra Pradesh Class 8 English Chapter 5A can find here Solution of this chapter.


Andhra Pradesh (AP Board)




5 (5A)





Observe the pictures and discuss the questions that follow.

1.) Who are these people? What do you know about them?

Ans: The first image depicts Sarojini Naidu, often known as India’s Nightingale. She was a poet as well as a supporter of Indian independence. Mother Teresa is shown in the second photograph. She was an Albanian-born Indian Catholic nun. She founded the Missionaries of Charity to serve the most disadvantaged. Sunita Williams is seen in the third photo. She is a NASA astronaut from the United States. Gujarat, an Indian state, is where her parents’ ancestors originated. The fourth image is Indian badminton star SainaNehwal. Bharatha Das, the first Inspector General of Police of the Kerala Armed Police Battalions and head of the state’s Crime Branch, is seen in the fifth photograph.The sixth picture depicts a rustic woman, while the seventh depicts a city woman.

2.) ‘Education leads to empowerment of women? Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons.

Ans: I agree that women’s education has a substantial impact on the nation’s social and economic prosperity. Education improves a woman’s life, as well as the lives of her rest of the family. Any intelligent lady would surely support her kids education, specifically when they are girls, as well as provide them with superior guidance. A well-educated mother will have no issue instilling in her children an independent and forward-thinking perspective. Consequently, we can assert that education promotes women’s empowerment.

A.) Bonsai Life (Part I)


I.) Tick the statements that are true.

1.) correct.

2.) correct.

3.) correct.

4.) incorrect.

5.) Correct.

II.) Answer the following questions.


1.) When she gets and reads the letters, the narrator almost feels as if she is speaking directly with her friends and family, and they are conversing gently to her. Her fatigue from office job fades as she reads the letters, and her heart lightens. Her enthusiasm and excitement are awakened by the sight of letters, and she subsequently performs wonderfully in her domestic chores. As a result, the narrator gets delighted everytime she receives a letter.

2.) At first, the narrator’s father thought that there was no point in sending girls to school. In those days, it was enough if a woman could manage the washerman’s finances. So, after class Five, Nannagaru forbid Akkayya from studying. But when Ammalu was born ten years later, her father changed his mind and sent her to college without any hesitation.

3.) Akkayya was well aware of the challenges she would face in the absence of an education or a career. She was well aware that she would be compelled to depend on her spouse for financial assistance. She didn’t want her child to grow up without the need for an education since she believed that a woman without even a degree was useless and would constantly be at the mercy of her husband. As a result, she chose to send her daughter to college.

4.) The narrator is wealthy in comparison to her sister. The narrator is well educated, while his sister is not. In this aspect, the narrator is better off and more wealthy than her sister.

5.) It is true that one cannot survive on Earth without a job or income. This is because basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, and education all require money. Without a steady source of income, it would be very difficult to afford these essentials. Therefore, having a job or earning an income is necessary in order to be independent and provide for oneself.

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