Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B The Earthen Goblet

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 English The Earthen Goblet Question and Answers

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Unit 4 Chapter 4B The Earthen Goblet Question and answers. Students who are searching for Andhra Pradesh Class 8 English Chapter 4B can find here Solution of this chapter.


Andhra Pradesh (AP Board)




4 (4B)






Answer the following questions.


1.) The Earthen Goblet is referred to “I” in the poem. The first stanza’s speaker is the poet.

2.) The relationship between the goblet and the flower is conveyed by the phrase “fragrant friendship.” This friendship is special because it is between two completely different things – one is alive and one is not. The goblet started out as a piece of natural clay before being given its final shape. The flower plant dug its roots deep into the clay, and a tiny bloom emerged. The flower’s aroma drew the clay to it, and they became friends.

3.) The goblet holds a special place in the poet’s heart. In its natural state, the planet is full of life and content. However, when it is heated and given the shape of a cup, it becomes something else entirely – something that the poet can’t help but have compassion for.

4.) The goblet enjoyed its previous life because it was teeming with life. The goblet used to be soil that was rich and fertile. It had many floral companions that were fragrant and beautiful. The earth was overjoyed to have such a strong root system. The goblet is now in its present state, which is merely a shell of its former self.

5.) The terms “live breath” and “natural stage” both convey the idea of “life.” The “natural stage” of life is abundant on earth. When the ground has a fragrant relationship with a tiny flower, it is extremely content in its “natural stage.” The ground feels as though it loses its life when the goblet shape is handed to it, and the potter exhales its “living breath.””

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