Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Chapter 2A Oliver Asks for More

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 English Oliver Asks for More Question and Answers

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Chapter 2A Oliver Asks for More

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Unit 2 Chapter 2A Oliver Asks for More Question and answers. Students who are searching for Andhra Pradesh Class 8 English Chapter 2A can find here Solution of this chapter.


Andhra Pradesh (AP Board)




2 (2A)



Read the saying given below and answer the questions that follow.\

1.) What does the sentence mean?

Ans: For all of us, home is the happiest place on the planet. No other place offers us with the same security and convenience as our house does.

2.) Do you agree/disagree with the view expressed in it? Why?

Ans: Yes, I agree with the viewpoint presented there. The ideal place to live, in my opinion, is at home. Having our parents and family around gives us happiness and comfort. We owe God a debt of gratitude for allowing us to share a house with our parents and family.

A.) Oliver Asks for More


Answer the following questions.

1.) Oliver Twist was not familiar with the definition of a live board. So, when he learned this information, he was somewhat surprised and uncertain of whether to smile or mourn. He did not have time to consider the situation.

2.) Oliver was escorted into a large room by Mr. Bumble, where he saw eight to ten men sitting at a table. The sight of so many people alarmed Oliver and he began to shake. When he failed to respond to the man’s question, the beadle hit him on the back with his cane, which made him cry.

3.) ‘That’ refers to ‘orphan’.

4.) The board members were extremely wise and intellectual men. When they learned that the workhouse served as the main venue for the lower classes’ public entertainment, they became upset. They showed no mercy or compassion for the underprivileged. When they realised it was all play and no work in the works house, they were astonished. The poor should starve fast outside the workhouse or gradually inside, according to their convictions. As a result, they commanded that the poor be provided less food. A person would be expelled if he demanded (or asked) for more.

5.) The kids were extremely thin and wore rags as clothing. They were scared of the board, the beadle, and the master. Their food supply was insufficient. They had to perform some labour. The master was dressed in a cook’s costume. He was fat and in good shape. He showed no mercy to the kids.

6.) The boys in the workhouse were slowly starving to death. They became crazed from hunger and one boy even said he would eat the boy next to him unless they were given more food. Oliver Twist was chosen to go ask the master for more food and, after a council, the boys were given gruel that night. The tall boy who had threatened to eat his companion was driven to do so by his hunger and suffering.

7.) At the end of the story, Oliver was put into confinement. The next morning, a notice was posted that said anyone who freed Oliver would get five pounds. In other words, if anyone wanted to become an apprentice in any trade or profession, they were offered five pounds and a copy of Oliver Twist.

8.) There are a few boys like Oliver around us, I believe. I would support them in any way I could by providing them with food, clothing, and money. As a community, it is important that we take care of our young people and help them to grow into strong and responsible adults.


I.) Look at the underlined part in the following sentence.

1.) Pick out the phrases with Compound Adjectives from the story or elsewhere and write how they can be rewritten to express the same meaning.


a.) one-eyed man: a man with one eye.

b.) fat-bodied woman: a fat woman.

1.) white-washed room: a room that was painted white.

2.) Change the underlined parts in the following paragraph into compound adjectives. Rewrite the paragraph in your notebook.

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar is a right-handed batsman and world-famous cricketer. He has many mind-blowing world records, including the most Test runs and the most ODI runs. He is also a kind-hearted person who works with a Mumbai-based NGO to help more than 200 orphans every year.

3.) Fill in the blanks with appropriate compound adjectives from the box given below.


1) soft-spoken

2) old-fashioned

3) brand-new

4) well-mannered


I.) Look at the following sentence taken from the story.

Change the following statements into Yes/ No questions


1.) Was Oliver frightened at the sight of so many gentlemen?

2.) Are you an orphan?

3.) Do you say your prayers every night?

4.) Will you pick oakum tomorrow morning?

5.) Did Mr. Bumble rush into the room?

6.) Can they devour the big bowl?

7.) Do boys generally have excellent appetite?

II.) Read the following sentence taken from the story.

Read the following dialogue that took place at a party. Add suitable question tags to complete it.


1.) haven’t I?

2.) isn’t it?

3.) doesn’t it?

4.) don’t we?


After facing the live board, Oliver returned to his bed crying. He sat up to write his diary. Now, imagine you are Oliver Twist. Attempt a diary entry with the above features in mind.


Saturday, 26 November 2022

It was a long day; I had to give an impromptu presentation to the board. Mr. Bumble informed me with no notice or preparation, so I didn’t have time to think through my strategy. But, despite the difficulties, I made it through. The board members were all professional and friendly, and I was able to provide a solid presentation in the end. It wasn’t flawless, but I think it went okay given the conditions.After wiping the remnants of 2 or 3 years from my eyes, I saw that there was only a table. I then bowed as a result. The man in the high chair asked, “What’s your name, boy?” The sight of all these gentlemen made me quiver, and I was petrified. The man in the high chair asked me a question, to which I didn’t respond; the beadle then tapped me on the back of the head with his cane. At that point, tears engulfed me.Being surrounded by so many gentlemen made me very nervous, and I was scared. The beadle tapped me on the back with his cane as I remained silent in response to his query, and I immediately started crying. “Do you realize you’re an orphan?” the man in the high chair asked me. I didn’t understand his question. I then asked him, “What’s that, sir?” The man with the white waistcoat called the young man a stupid.

The goal of this institution is to educate you and train you in a worthwhile trade, stated the man in the high chair. The man with the white waistcoat added, “You will begin selecting oakum tomorrow morning at six o’clock.” I walked inside my room and hurriedly closed the door behind me. I had to cry myself to sleep on the hard, unpleasant bed. Everything here is repulsive to me! I’m not sure I want to stay here much longer. I’m sure I’ll go; there’s no freedom here. We are not permitted to run, jump, or play. We are treated as though we are slaves here. We don’t have enough food either. We also lack sufficient nourishment. To keep ahead of the competition, we must be ruthless. I’m not going to stay any longer. I’ll get started straight away.

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