Andhra Pradesh SCERT 6th Class English Solutions Chapter 6A P.T. Usha, The Golden Girl

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 6 English P.T. Usha, The Golden Girl Question and Answers

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 6th Class English Solutions Unit 6 Chapter 6A P.T. Usha, The Golden Girl Question and answers. Students who are searching for Andhra Pradesh Class 6 English Chapter 6A can find here Solution of this chapter.


Andhra Pradesh (AP Board)




6 (6A)







I.) Answer the following questions:


1.) Usha’s sports talent was recognised first at the age of 11 years old by, physical education teacher Balakrishnan.

2.) She was very hardworking and had dedication towards her goals.

3.) Usha was a very intelligent student. She consistently ranked among the top three in her class.

4.) Usha’s story encourages young people in our nation to dream big and to pursue those aspirations with commitment and sincerity.

5.) Her seriousness towards her dream and quality of not giving up in any situation made Usha great in athletics.

6.) P.T. Usha served as an inspiration for famous Indian women’s athletes like Hima Das.

7.) Running, Walking, Jumping

II.) Write on ‘‘the time line’’ given below the important events from the life of P.T. Usha.


1964 – PT Usha was born.

1973 – Balakrishnan recognized her talent.

1975 – Usha participated in sub-junior district meet.

1977 – Usha and Nambiar became inseparable.

1982 – Usha won 2 silver medals in New Delhi Asian Games.

III.) Write whether the following statements are True or False in the brackets.


1.) True.

2.) False.

3.) True.

4.) False.

5.) False.


I.) The following is the list of some sports and games. Classify them into sports and games. Add some other games or sports you know to the list.


Sports – Running, Swimming, Motor racing, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Badminton, Sailing, Lawn Tennis.

Games- Chess, Carrom, Table tennis.

II.) Pick out from the reading passage the synonyms of the following words:


Dedicated, champion, achieved, special, tiny, joyfully, serenity, rise, instinct.

III.) Look at the following sports goods. Write the number of the sports item and its name in your notebook. You may use the words from the box.


1.) shorts

2.) football socks

3.) basketball shoes

4.) hockey stick

5.) T-Shirt

6.) a track suit

7.) tennis racket

8.) cricket ball

9.) a shuttle cock

10.)  goggles

11.) weights

12.) running shoes

13.) a football, volley ball, and a basketball.


I.) Rewrite the following sentences with the correct order of adjectives:


1.) Usha was born at her mother’s old farm house.

2.) Usha is a shy dark little girl.

3.) There are some beautiful white rose flowers in our garden.

4.) It is my new English textbook.

5.) Sunita was dressed in an expensive Kancheepuram silk saree.

II.) 3.) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the verbs in the brackets.


  • to take.
  • to walk.
  • to take.
  • to celebrate.
  • to accept.
  • to work.


You have read about P.I. Usha. Using that information and any other information you may have, try to write a short profile of this great athlete. You can use the following skeleton if you like.



Father’s Name: Paithal

Mother’s Name: Lakshmi Amma

Date of Birth: 20th may 1964

Place of Birth: Payyoli, Kozhikode District, Kerala

Name of the Coach: Balakrishnan

Brief biography: Pilavullakan Thekkeparambil Usha was born on May 20, 1964. Her talent was identified by her physical education teacher. Growing up, Usha was a shy youngster. She excelled in school and had a very high IQ. Among her teacher, she enjoyed popularity. To further her athletic ability, Usha joined Cannanor’s sport division. In pursuing her dream, she was serious and committed. Throughout her career, she never gave up.

Achievements in Olympics:

a.) She set a national record at the 1984 Olympic games.

b.) First woman athlete from India to reach the finals of Olympic games.

Achievements in Asian Games:

a.) Four Asian gold medals

b.) Seven Asian silver medals


a.) Usha clocked 11.8 seconds in the loom at the senior inter-state meet in Bangalore.

b.) She set a record of 24.6 second in the zoom race.


a.) In 1982, she won two silver medals in New Delhi Asian Games.

b.) In 1986, four gold and one silver at Asian games in Seoul.

Awards and Honours:

a.) In 1985, she honoured with Padma Shri.

b.) In 1985, she won Arjuna Award for Athletics.

II.) Suppose you have Rs.10,000 to spend on sports equipment. Write in your notebook the things you would want to buy. As the Secretary of The Sports Club in your school, write a letter to M/S. India sports, Hyderabad for placing order for these sports goods. You should ask them to send you the price list of the goods before you place the final order.


49-C Hazra Road,

Kolkata 700019


The Manager

M/S India sports


Subject: Placement of order

Respected Sir,

I’ve heard a lot about your prestigious business and the high-quality products it produces. I want to order a lot of the following sports accessories:

  • 20 Cricket bats
  • 15 Badminton Rackets.
  • 40 Footballs.
  • 100 Duce balls.
  • 10 pair of wickets.

Before placing the order, I’d like to review a copy of your price list as well. Please attach the document and respond as soon as you can.

I’ll be patient while you respond.

Yours Sincerely,

Aryaman Sinha

(Sports Club Secretary)

III. The A.P. Sports Club, Hyderabad has decided to collect data about the popularity of sports in schools in your locality. Prepare a notice about the A.P. Sports Club’s visit to your school.



ABC Public School, Hyderabad

A.P. Sports Club’s visit to our school


This announcement has been made to all students to let them know that the A.P. Sports club will be visiting our school next month to look around and learn more about how popular sports are there. Details of their visit that are essential

Nov. 30, 2020 is the date.

The time is 12:00 p.m. to 02:00 p.m.

Location would be P.T. Field.

For a group photo and quick event, it is required that all athletes bring their customised uniforms and athletic gear. For more information, get in touch with the undersigned.

Aryaman Sinha

(Secretary, Sports department)


2.) Your teacher will read the story, “The Olympic Champion and the Ducks.” Listen carefully and say whether the following statements are True or False. Write T for True and F for false statements in the brackets.


  • True
  • False.
  • True.
  • True.
  • False.
  • True.
  • False.
  • False.
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