Andhra Pradesh SCERT 6th Class English Solutions Chapter 5A Plant a Tree

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 6 English Plant a Tree Question and Answers

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 6th Class English Solutions Chapter 5A Plant a Tree

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 6th Class English Solutions Unit 5 Chapter 5A Plant a Tree Question and answers. Students who are searching for Andhra Pradesh Class 6 English Chapter 5A can find here Solution of this chapter.


Andhra Pradesh (AP Board)




5 (5A)






I.) Answer the following questions:


1.) The existence of all life on Earth is due to trees, which provide shade during the hot summer months, fruit to eat, firewood to burn, wood for furniture and houses, air to breathe, and finally, shade.

2.) Starch, which is the most significant component of the food we eat, is produced by trees using carbon dioxide released by other living things and companies.

3.) A tree grows a new layer, known as annual ring, every year. One can determine a tree’s age by calculating its annual rings.

4.) Trees are not enemy to people; rather, they are essential to the existence of all life on Earth. In an effort to profit from the sale of the wood, people cut down trees out of greed.

5.) The number of trees would drastically decline as a result, and eventually everyone would perish.

6.) By continually increasing the number of trees planted, one can benefit the environment for future generation. protecting the existing ones as well.

7.) Trees have a variety of uses including the production of rubber, eucalyptus medications, and milk substitutes like cow tree sap.

8.) The most interesting thing in the chapter is the carbon cycle, in which the plant produces starch and oxygen by using carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

II.) Read the following statements carefully and write TRUE or FALSE in the brackets. Correct the false statements.


1.) False.
Correction- Sunlight splits carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen.

2.) True.

3.) True.

4.) True.

5.) False.

Correction- Trees are the longest living things on earth.


I.) Match things in part A with their uses or meanings in part B.


(1) Oxygen  – (c) Useful for human life

(2) Carbon dioxide         – (e) Useful for trees

(3) Starch – (a) Important part of our food produced by tree

(4) Sap- (b) Juice or milk from a tree

(5) Vapour- (d) Water drops in the air

II.) Prepare a word map related to “furniture” and “medicinal plants.”


1.) Furniture- chair, bed, table, bench, cupboard, book shelf, dressing table, sofa.

2.) Medical Plants – Tulsi, Aloe vera, curry leaves, Ajwain, Turmeric, Mint, Neem Tree, Cinnamon, Lavender Marigold.


Rewrite the following sentences as a single sentence. Use “if” at the beginning of the sentence.The first two have been done for you.


3.) If you walk fast, you will catch the bus.

4.) If you study regularly, you will do well in the examination.

5.) If you give respect to others, they too will respect you.

6.) If it doesn’t rain, I will come to your house.

7.) If you tire yourself now, you won’t be able to work in the afternoon.

8.) If you stop eating sweets, you will feel better.

9.) If you do as you’re told, you will get a prize.

10.) If you read regularly, you will get more knowledge.

11.) If you do your exercises promptly, you will not fail.

12.) If you go to bed early, you will be healthy.

II.) Supply a condition / a possible result to the following.




If you do not water the plant,

If you keep your surrounding clean,

If you study hard,

If you quarrel with everybody,

If you not maintain hygiene

If you step on a snake

There would be no life on Earth.

You will breathe fresh air.

You will get good grades.

Nobody would like you

You will fall sick

Snake will bite.

III.) Give sentences of your own using the given ‘must + V1’ combinations where only must can be used. One has been done for you.


2.) You must eat regularly.

3.) You must drink 6-7 glasses of water.

4.) You must walk 10 miles a day.

5.) You must play football everyday.

6.) You must learn from your mistakes.

7.) You must read books always.

IV.) Now write answers to the following questions using simple present tense.


1.) 5:00 a.m.

2.) Attends to his homework.

3.) Walks to the main road to board the school bus.

4.) 7:30 a.m.- 7:45 a.m.

5.) 8:45 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

V.) Complete the following sentences using the present continuous form.


1.) is pondering.

2.) does.

3.) will wash.

4.) is raining.

5.) is studying.

VI.) Read the following paragraph and make questions using appropriate wh-words The first one is done for you.


Where is Sindhu sitting?

What is Chandu and Sindhu doing?

What is the English teacher doing?


I.) Imagine that you are the Secretary of the Environment Club of your school. Write an announcement suggesting that your school will organise a tree plantation week in the next month.



Welland Gouldsmith School,


Date:- 26/11/2022

I’m happy to let you know that our environmental group will host a week of tree planting. The world’s most significant objects are trees. On Earth, humans cannot thrive without trees. Future generations should inherit a better environment from us.

Our environment can be saved by increasing plant growth. As a result, on October 2nd, please gather on our school grounds so that I can begin the programme for the entire week.


The Environment Club.

II.) Imagine that you have been asked by Green India Survey Group to complete the following questionnaire. Fill in the questionnaire giving all the details. Write a paragraph on how you will protect the forests.


Given that we depend entirely on our forests, protecting them is crucial. Nature and forests make it possible for us to breathe clean air, consume food, drink water, relax on comfortable furniture, and, most importantly, sustain our existence. Every month, I arrange a tree planting drive where I plant at least 50 to 60 saplings. I also urge folks not to leave trash or other waste in the woodlands.

III.) List the stages how a seed grows into a tree. List the steps that you took to plant a tree in your kitchen garden/school.


A tree goes through several life stages: seed, stem, sapling, and adult tree.

The various procedures for planting a tree include:

1.) I excavated the planting hole first.

2.) Next, I cut the roots back.

3.) Lastly, I inserted the tree into the slot.

4.) I staked the tree.

5.) Finally, I moistened the freshly planted tree.


Answer the following questions:


1.) Terra Green.

2.) The Energy and Resources Institute.

3.) USD 480


5.) 30% savings.


I.) Tick the correct answer.


1.) (c) a tree

2.) (b) the young man

3.) (a) a sailor

4.) (b) selfless giving

II.)  Say whether the following are true or false.


1.) False.

2.) False.

3.) True.

4.) True.

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