Anaerobic Respiration MCQs with Answers

Anaerobic Respiration (In the absence of oxygen) MCQs

Hello Students, in this MCQs we’ll be discussing about anaerobic respiration and an overview about anaerobic metabolism as well. Anaerobic term is referred as absence of air or oxygen. As we know, in the most of pathways oxygen plays avital role in various metabolism. Oxygen also helps to produce more energy which is then utilized by the body.

The collection of MCQ will provide you more information about anaerobic respiration.

MCQ.1)In the catabolic …………………. process, the complex organic substrate is oxidizes to simple components which generates biological energy.

a) Excretion

b) Digestion

c) Respiration

d) All of them

MCQ.2) Which of the following is not involved in the anaerobic respiration.

a) Nitrogen

b) Carbon dioxide

c) Hydrogen

d) Oxygen

MCQ. 3) Anaerobic respiration is the cellular type of respiration, it is also called as …………………..


b) Respiration

c) Aerobic respiration

d) None of them

MCQ.4) Which of the following process involves the formation of two pyruvic acid molecules from the breakdown of glycose molecule?

a) Digestion

b) Photosynthesis

c) Glycolysis


MCQ.5) The living organisms needs energy for the various life processes and the energy is produced in the …………………….. Of the body.

a) Nerves

b) Veins

c) Cells

d) Brain

MCQ.6) How many ATP molecules are produced with the pyruvic acid at the end of Glycolysis process in the Anaerobic respiration?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Five

MCQ.7) Anaerobic respiration is done by the two processes that are Glycolysis and Fermentation. In the Yeast, which of the following process takes place?

a) Glycolysis

b) Fermentation and glycolysis

c) Fermentation

d) None of them

MCQ.8) The process of reconversion of Lactic acid to pyruvic acid which turns back to the ………………….. Respiration pathway.

a) Anaerobic respiration

b) Aerobic respiration

c)Both of a) and b)

d) Neither b) nor a)

MCQ.9) In the muscles, NADH+H+ is produced during Glycolysis process and later it is reoxidized to NAD+ by donating ……………………….. And …………………………… to pyruvic acid.

a) Two protons and one electrons

b) Four protons and two electrons

c) Four electrons and two protons

d) One proton and two electrons

MCQ.10)In the Anaerobic respiration, which of the following poisonous chemical secreted and is responsible for the muscle cramps?

a)Lactic acid

b)Pyruvic acid

c)Glutamic acid

d)Aspartic acid

MCQ.11) Which of the following is essential or required naturally for the breakdown of lactic acid.

a)Carbon dioxide




MCQ.12) In the fermentation process, which of the following is used for the expansion of dough in the bread making process?


b)Carbon dioxide

c)Carbon monoxide



1)c) Respiration

2)d) Oxygen

3)a) Fermentation

4)c) Glycolysis

5) c) Cells

6)b) Two

7)c) Fermentation

8)b) Aerobic respiration

9) d) One proton and two electrons

10)a) Lactic acid

11) c) Oxygen

12)b) Carbon dioxide

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