Allele MCQs with Answers

Allele MCQs

Hello students! We will be discussing about some part of genetic which includes ‘Allele’. Gregor Mendel is the father of genetics and famous for studying pea plants. When he was studied pea plants, he noticed that the plant was having different characteristics like Shape of the seed, colour of the flower and size of the plant. The characteristics are also known for the ‘Traits’. So, basically nucleus of the cell contains DNA that is genetic material and gene is the portion of DNA. The pea plant has different traits like if we talk about size of the plant then it can be short and tall. So, each trait has a different forms and these forms are known as ‘Alleles’.

Following MCQs will help you to know more about ‘Alleles’.

MCQ.1): Which of the following is an alternative form of a specific gene in the genetics?

a) Nucleus

b) Gene

c) Allele

d) Cell

MCQ.2): In which of the following form alleles are represented?

a) Letters

b) Alphabets

c) Numbers

d) Both a) and b)

MCQ. 3): If an Albanism is having recessive trait and two parents with carriers for the trait (Aa × Aa) will have a …………………… child.

a) Tall (Aa)

b) Dwarf (AA)

c) Albino (aa)

d) Carrier (Aa)

MCQ.4): In which of the following condition both the dominant and recessive alleles need to express themselves?

a) Dominance

b) Recessive

c) F2 generation

d) Codominance

MCQ.5): When an allele is not expressed in the presence of other allele during heterozygous condition then the allele is called as …………………………….

a) Dominant

b) Recessive

c) Cross

d) Tait

MCQ.6):  In the incomplete dominance, when a red flower is crossed with the white flower, then what will be the offspring?

a) White flower

b) Pink flower

c) Red flower

d) Flower with no colour

MCQ.7): Which type of letter is used to show dominant allele?

a) Capital letter

b) Small letter

c) Numbers

d) Special symbols

MCQ.8): Which of the following word is a short form of allelomorph?

a) Genotype

b) Phenotype

c) Morphology

d) Allele

MCQ.9): When a cross occurs between a cattle is having red hair (RR) and other is having White hair (WW) which are equally dominant in the codominance condition, then the cross produces ………………………………. Offspring.

a) Roan (RW)

b) Roan (RR)

c) Roan (WW)

d) Roan (rr)

MCQ.10): In which of the following condition two alleles will not show dominant and recessive to each other?

a) Dominance

b) Codominance

c) Sex-linked gene

d) Incomplete dominance

MCQ.11):In the heterozygous condition,an allele that expresses itself in the F1 generation or which masks the expression of other allele is known as………………………………..

a) Dominant

b) Recessive

c) Gene

d) Allele

MCQ.12): In the multiple alleles, A particular gene can have more than 2 alleles but in case of an individual can possess only …………………. Of these.

a) One

b) Two

c) Five

d) Six



1) c) Allele

2) d) Both a) and b)

3) c) Albino (aa)

4) d) Codominance

5) b) Recessive

6) b) Pink flower

7) a) Capital letter

8) d) Allele

9) a) Roan (RW)

10) d) Incomplete dominance

11) a) Dominant

12) b) Two

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