A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers English Beehive Chapter 4

A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers Class 7 English Beehive Chapter 4 | Class 7 English Chapter 4 Extra Questions and Answers | A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers English Beehive Chapter 4

A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers English Beehive Chapter 4

A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers – Very Short Type

Question 1.

The story “A truly beautiful mind” is dedicated to whom?


“A Truly Beautiful mind” is dedicated to the great scientist Albert Einstein.

Question 2.

Where was Albert Einstein born?


Albert Einstein was born in a city named Ulm, Germany.

Question 3.

Who did think Albert a freah?


Albert’s mother thought Albert a freak.

Question 4.

What were the play toys liked by Albert?


In his childhood Albert liked to play with mechanical toys like automated cars, airplanes etc.

Question 5.

 What was the name of Albert Einstein sister?


The name of Albert Einstein sister was Maja.

Question 6.

Write the meaning of amateur?


It means doing something for personal enjoyment rather than as a profession.

Question 7.

Why did Einstein learn violin?


Einstein learnt violin because his mother wanted him to learn to play it.

Question 8.

Why did Albert Einstein move to Munich?


Albert Einstein moved from Ulm to Munich because his family had to move over there.

Question 9.

What is the meaning of regimentation?


It means discipline taken to an extreme.

Question 10.

Write the meaning of Stifled?


It means suffocated.

Question 11.

Where did Einstein join after his school?


Einstein joined the University in Zurich after finishing his school.

Question 12.

What was the name of Einstein favourite student?


Her name was Mileva Maric.

Question 13.

Why Mileva Maric was called a Serb?


Here Mileva Maric was called a Serb because she belonged to Serbia.

Question 14.

Why did Mileva Maric come from Serbia to Switzerland?


She came from Serbia to Switzerland to study in the University of Zurich, which was one of the few universities in Europe which gave degree to female students.

Question 15.

Write the meaning of Philistines?


It means a person who is indifferent to culture and the arts.

Question 16.

Who were called “philistines” in this story?


Einstein’s family members and people in the university were not favour of art, literature or music ,and they were called philistines here.

Question 17.

Where did he got the job in the year 1902?


Einstein got the job in the patent office in Bern as a technical expert in the year 1902.

Question 18.

Write the meaning of patent?


It means documents which give the rights of san invention to an inventor.

Question 19.

What was the name to the desk of his first office by Einstein and why?


Einstein later called the desk of his first office theoretical physics because there only he stated working on his inventions.

Question 20.

What was the first theory paper of Einstein?


Einstein’s first published theory paper was “ Special; Theory of Relativity”.

Question 21.

What was the name of Einstein‘s mother?


The name of Einstein’s mother was Pauline Einstein.

Question 22.

Who was the second wife of Einstein?


Einstein’s Cousin Elsa the second wife of him.

Question 23.

What proved Albert Einstein’s General theory of relativity?


The solar eclipse of 1919 proved his General theory of relativity.

Question 24.

When did he win the Nobel Prize?


He won Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1921.

Question 25.

When did Einstein die?


Einstein died in 1955 at the age of 76.

A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers – Choose the Correct Option

Question 1.

Albert Einstein was born?

(a) 14th Jan, 1879

(b) 14th March, 1879

(c) 14th March, 1878

(d) 15th March, 1879

Answer: 14th March, 1878.

Question 2.

What was a bit too big in Albert In comparison to other children?

(a) Head

(b) leg

(c) Hand

(d) Heart

Answer: Head.

Question 3.

Albert started talking at the age of?

(a) Three and half

(b) One and half

(c) Three

(d) Two and half

Answer: Two and half.

Question 4.

Albert Einstein was looking for_____ in her newborn sister?

(a) Hand

(b) Wheel

(c) Feet

(d) Eyes

Answer: Wheel.

Question 5.

Einstein moved to Munich at the age of?

(a) 15 month

(b) One year

(c) 16 month

(d) One and half year

Answer: 15 month.

Question 6.

Milan is the city in?

(a) Italy

(b) Afghanistan

(c) England

(d) America.

Answer: Italy.

Question 7.

Mileva Maric belonged to?

(a) Serbia

(b) Hebia

(C) Switzerland

(d) Zurich

Answer: Serbia.

Question 8.

Meaning of ally is?

(a) Friend

(b) Lover

(c) Enemy

(d) Co-learner.

Answer: Friend.

Question 9.

Einstein completed his graduation in the year?

(a) 1901

(b) 1900

(c) 1899

(d) 1902

Answer: 1900.

Question 10.

Where is Bern situated?

(a) Germany

(b) China

(c) Japan

(d) Italy

Answer: Germany.

Question 11.

In which year Einstein had publi8shed his “Special Theory of Relativity”?

(a) 1904

(b) 1911

(c) 1905

(d) 1704

Answer: 1905.

Question 12.

Formula of the theory of relativity?

(a) E=mc2

(b) E=ms2

(c) E= e/c

(d) C= me2

Answer: E=mc2.

Question 13.

Mileva was ___________ years older than Einstein?

(a_) Three

(b) Two

(c) Four

(d) One

Answer: Three.

Question 14.

 Einstein and Mileva had?

(a) Two sons

(b) Two Daughters

(c) One son and one daughter

(d) One son

Answer: Two sons.

A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers – Short Type Question

Question 1.

Why did Albert’s mother think Albert was a freak?


Albert’s mother thought Albert was a freak because he did not behave, talk or look like normal people and was different from all other children of his age. He used to behave abnormally which seemed as if he had intelligence in comparison to other children.

Question 2.

Why did Einstein leave the school of Munich forever?


Einstein left the school of Munich for ever because he was very much suffocated by the strict discipline of the school.

Question 3.

Write few lines about Mileva Maric?


Mileva Maric was a fellow student of Albert Einstein in the university of Zurich .According to Einstein he was very sharp and intelligent and interest in art, literature, and music like Einstein. She comes from Serbia to Switzerland to get degree from University of Zurich.

Question 4.

What was the “Special Theory of Relativity”?


Albert Einstein published “Special Theory of relativity” in the year 1905. According to this theory the measurement of time and distance is not absolute, it depends on something else. It stales that if there are two clocks and both are moving, they will not show the same time .One will move faster than other . This theory gave us the basic formula of physics – E=mc2, where E stands for energy, M for mass of the object and C for the speed of the light in a vacuum.

Question 5.

What proves Einstein’s humanitarian quality?


All the physicist of America was scared by the discovery of the process of nuclear fission, done by Germans they feared to misuse of the technology by the Nazis. So, Albert Einstein was requested by a colleague to write a letter to the President of America, Franklin D Roosevelt. There he warned about the devastating effects of using atom bombs .This shows his humanitarian quality.

Question 6.

State the role of Einstein in the world of politics?


After the incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Albert Einstein was shaken by the extent of destruction. He wrote a public messier to the united nation and proposed to from a world government. But could not get any result .Then next ten years he involved himself in world peace. He was involved in politics and his agenda was to stop the countries involvement in collecting arms and developing weapons. This main agenda was World peace and freedom of people.

A Truly Beautiful Mind Extra Questions and Answers – Long Type Question

Question 1.

Write a flow chart about Einstein’s entire career?

Started schooling at Munich (At the age of 15 month).

Joined the school of Switzerland (At the age of 15 years).

Completed his graduation from the University of Zurich (At the age of 21) in the year 1900.

Started working as a teaching Assistant and a private tutor in the year 1900.

Got the job of a Technical officer in a patent’s office in Bern in the year 1902.

Published his first theory “Special Theory of Relativity” in the year 1905.

Published his first General Theory of relativity in the year 1919.

Won Nobel Prize for physics in 1921.

Was involved in World Peace.

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