A Tale of Two Birds MCQ Questions Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 1

A Tale of Two Birds  MCQ Questions Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 1

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Birds. A Tale of Two Birds MCQ Questions with Answers from Class 6 English Supplementary A Pact with the Sun.

A Tale of Two Birds MCQ Questions Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 1

A Tale of Two Birds Multiple Choice Questions with Answers Class 6 English Supplementary Chapter 1 PDF is available.

Question 1.

Who lived in the forest?

(a) A bird

(b) A tiger

(c) A lion

Answer: A bird.

Question 2.

The birds have ______ new born babies?

(a) Three

(b) Two

(c) Four

Answer: Two.

Question 3.

Where did the bird live in?

(a) In a forest

(b) In a house

(c) In a house

Answer: In a forest.

Question 4.

Where did the bird and her little ones live in?

(a) In a tall tree

(b) In a short tree

(c) In a house

Answer: In a tall tree.

Question 5.

The bird had a _________ in a tall tree?

(a) Nest

(b) Home

(c) Cage

Answer: Nest.

Question 6.

The tall tree was –

(a) Curve

(b) Stady

(c) Steady

Answer: Stady.

Question 7.

The mother bird took care of her Childs –

(a) Only at day

(b) At night

(c) Day and night

Answer: Day and night.

Question 8.

Who take care of the two little birds?

(a) Mother birds

(b) Father birds

(c) They own

Answer: Mother bird.

Question 9.

One day there was a –

(a) Strom

(b) Thunder lighting

(c) Rain

(d) All of these

Answer: All of these.

Question 10.

What was hit the nest and killed the bird?

(a) A big tree

(b) The wind

(c) A big heavy branch.

Answer: A big heavy branch.

Question 11.

What was blew the two baby birds away to the other side of the forest?

(a) A week Storm

(b) A strong storm

(c) A week wind

Answer: A strong wind.

Question 12.

One day, there was a big –

(a) Storm

(b) Rainfall

(c) Giant

(d) None of these above

Answer: Storm.

Question 13.

Where did the king come?

(a)To the other side of the forest

(b) To the other side of the stream

(c) To the other side of the fountain

Answer: To the other side of the forest.

Question 14.

What did the king see on the tree?

(a) A monkey

(b) A nest

(c) A bird

Answer: A bird.

Question 15.

He heard faint noises –

(a) Issuing from the cave

(b) Issuing from the forest

(c) Issuing from the hut

Answer: Issuing from the cave.

Question 17.

The king sat down –

(a) Under a tree

(b) Inside the tree

(c) Outside the cave

Answer: Under a tree.

Question 18.

The tree stood near a –

(a) Cave

(b) House

(c) Temple

Answer: Cave.

Question 19.

Very tired king got off his horse and sat down under a tree. The tree was –

(a) Near a river

(b) Near a building

(c) Near a cave

Answer: Near a cave.

Question 20.

What did the king hear suddenly?

(a) A rigid voice

(b) A scolding voice

(c) A gentle voice

Answer: A gentle voice

Question 21.

Who said “Quick? Hurry up!”

(a) The bird

(b) The king

(c) The robbers

Answer: The bird.

Question 22.

The bird colour was –

(a) Gray

(b) Red

(c) Brown

Answer: Brown.

Question 23.

The size of the bird –

(a) Small

(b) Big

(c) Too small

Answer: Big.

Question 24.

Soon, the king comes to a clearing which looked –

(a) Like a school

(b) Like a temp-le

(c) Like an ashram

Answer: Like an ashram.

Question 25.

Who welcome the king?

(a) A boy

(b) A bird

(c) A Rishi

Answer: A bird.

Question 26.

“This one looks like the other bird outside the cave” –

  Who said these words?

(a) The Rishi

(b) The robber

(c) The king

Answer: The king.

Question 27.

“He is my brother but he has made friends with robbers,” Who said this?

(a) The bird outside the cave

(b) The bird outside the Rishi’s ashram

(c) None of these

Answer: The bird outside the Rishi’s ashram.

Question 28.

“Please come inside and make yourself at home, “You look tired, rest for a While. Then you can share my food. “Who said this and to whom?

(a) The king to the Rishi

(b) The Rishi to the king

(c) A robber to the king

Answer: The Rishi to the king.

Question 29.

Who told the story of the birds to the Rishi?

(a) The king

(b) The robber

(c) Both A and B

Answer: The king.

Question 30.

‘The forest is full of surprises’ – Who said this?

(a) The Rishi

(b) The king

(c) The bird

Answer: The bird.

Question 31.

The holy man smiled and said “After all, one is known by the company one keeps. “Who is the holy man here”?

(a) The king

(b) The Rishi

(c) The robbers

Answer: The Rishi.

Question 32.

Which one of the following sums up the story best?

(a) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

(b) One is known by the company one keeps

(c) None of these

Answer: One is known by the company one keeps.

Question 33.

Where did the bird and her little ones have their nest?

(a) In a tall, Shady tree

(b) In a small, Shady tree

(c) On the ground

Answer: In a tall, Shady tree.

Question 34.

What blew down many trees?

(a) Thunder

(b) The wind

(c) None of these

Answer: The wind.

Question 35.

Fortunately for the baby birds, the strong wind blew them away to the other side of the –

(a) River

(b) Forest

(c) Tree

Answer: Forest.

Question 36.

Where did one of the little birds come?

(a) Near a cave

(b) Near a garden

(c) Near a stream

Answer: Near a cave.

Question 37.

Where did the gang of robber s lived?

(a) In a cave

(b) In an ashram

(c) On a hill

Answer: In a cave.

Question 38.

Where did the other baby bird landed?

(a) Outside a forest

(b) Outside a city

(c) Outside a Rishi’s ashram

Answer: Outside a Rishi’s ashram.

Question 39.

One day, the king of the country came –

(a) To the river to have a bath

(b) To the forest to hunt

(c) None of these

Answer: To the forest for hunt.

Question 40.

What happened with the king in the forest?

(a) Lost his horse

(b) Lost his way

(c) Lost his gun

Answer: Lost his way.

Question 41.

The mother bird was killed –

(a) By a hunter

(b) By an Eagle

(c) In a big storm.

Answer: In a big storm.

Question 42.

One of the birds found home near a cave of –

(a) A line

(b) A bear

(c) Robbers

Answer: Robbers.

Question 43.

The second bird welcomed the king to –

(a) The Ashram

(b) The Cave

(c) The house

Answer:  The Ashram.

Question 44.

The king was amazed to hear –

(a) A cry

(b) A similar voice again

(c) The sweet song

Answer: A similar voice again.

Question 45.

What is the meaning of the forest’ –

(a) Jungle

(b) Plant

(c) Bushes

Answer: Jungle.

Question 46.

For what thing the king ran –

(a) A lion

(b) A dog

(c) A dear

Answer: A deer.

Question 48.

This chapter describes a story about ____ birds?

(a) One

(b) Two

(c) Three

Answer: Two.

Question 49.

__________ passed, and the baby birds became big birds?

(a) Days

(b) Time

(c) Months

Answer: Days.

Question 50.

 The king rode on for a time till he came to the other side of the forest.

(a) Few

(b) Little

(c) Long

Answer: Long.

Question 51.

You are right, sir, “answered the –

(a) Bird

(b) Deer

(c) Rishi

Answer: Bird.

Question 52.

He is my ________ but he has made friends with robbers.

(a) Enemy

(b) Friend

(c) Brother

Answer: Brother.

Question 53.

“The king said that to Rishi”, the forest is full of _______”

(a) Calm

(b) Peace

(c) Surprises

Answer: Surprises.

Question 54.

The Rishi said that to king you look –

(a) Tired

(b) Sad

(c) Happy

Answer: Tired.

Question 55.

Who is the part of this story?

(a) Lion

(b) Elephant

(c) Birds

Answer: Birds.

Question 57.

“One is known by the company one keeps,” Who said this ?

(a) A bird

(b) A Rishi

(c) A stranger

Answer: A Rishi.

Question 58.

Who were behaved so differently thought they looked so alike?

(a) The two birds

(b) The king and the Rishi

(c) None of these

Answer: The two birds.

Question 59.

What is full of surprises?

(a) The Cave

(b) The Forest

(c) The temple

Answer: The forest.

Question 60.

Who explained about the behaviour of each bird to the king?

(a) The Rishi

(b) The Robbers

(c) Both A and b

Answer: The Rishi.

Question 61.

Name of this story is –

(a) A tale of one bird

(b) A tale of two birds, one king and one Rishi

(c) A tale of two birds

Answer: A tale of two birds.

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