Latest essays for classes 1st to 5th in 20 Lines

Come on here and learn with us how to write about your favorite animal , favorite tree and much more in just 20 lines.

Essay writing has been recently included for all types of classes whether it is 1st class or 12th class and thus we’re here to provide all the students of classes 1st to 5th class with various recent topics. The essays are of 20-lines and contain everything about the topics for basically classes of 1st , 2nd , 3rd ,4th and 5th. With more and more information to write on, the topics are relevant to their minds and also to the syllabus of schools.

With great experience about English language and how to write, our creative team has always come up with materials to provide for the growing minds. The essays of 20 lines will help the children get a brief knowledge about the topic and learn how to write in examination. We hope to give as much knowledge as possible so our readers will always stick by our platform and learn great things with us.

Below are the topics about which you will find the essays of 20 lines for classes 1st to 5th :

Animals –

Others –

Famous Personalities –

Famous Sportspersons –

River –

Festivals –

Famous Places –



Above given information is all about the 20 lines essays for classes 1st to 5th about various common life topics which will generate curiosity in the minds of students to learn more and more. We hope to serve our readers more and more and are happy to be a part of this great world of education. To know more about various topics of essays, their content and how to learn as well as teach to your children , kindly follow us and let us make learning easier.