100 Request Sentence Examples

100 Request Sentence Examples, 100 Examples of Request Sentence

Request Sentence is a kind of imperative sentence. Here we have given 100 Examples of Request Sentence below –

Here’s a list of 100 Request Sentences are given below –

(1) Somebody please get me water.

(2) Give me two rupees only

(3) Put your file on my desk.

(4) Please buy me some snacks.

(5) Please go and have your seat.

(6) We have requested the man to stop the loudspeaker.

(7) Please keep off the grass.

(8) You are requested not to enter now.

(9) Please keep the food on the table.

(10) Please have pity on us.

(11) Kindly allow me to give the examination.

(12) Please responded to the roll call.

(13) Please sit down that you may not be hurt again.

(14) Please give me that comic book.

(15) Please give me the best dress available with you.

(16) Lets walk to my house.

(17) Please come back as soon as possible.

(18) Wait call in a doctor.

(19)  Please call in a doctor.

(20) Please do not holdback, anything from me.

(21) Please try to introduce few more illustrations on the subjects.

(22) Please write down your name and address in a piece of paper.

(23) Please come by 5pm

(24) Please do not compare him with my brother.

(25) Please inform me any result.

(26) Come and stay with us for a few days.

(27) Please explain the passage.

(28) Priya requested me not to go three.

(29) Sir, please grant me leave of absence.

(30) I requested them to speak to their headmaster about prayer.

(31) The host requested us to be seated.

(32) Please excuse me, sir. I shall never do so again.

(33) Please do not disturb me. I am very busy now.

(34) Send me a reply at an early date.

(35) Give me a pair of shoes made in India.

(36) Please tell me where he lives.

(37) Give me some mangoes if you have.

(38) Let him and me go.

(39) Please look up the word in the dictionary.

(40) Please listen to his advice.

(41) Let us discuss the matter.

(42) Please do not jump to a conclusion.

(43) Please tell me your new address.

(44) Please speak to the clerk concerned.

(45) Listen to me for two minutes.

(46) Please help me to arrange the papers.

(47) Please show some mercy for the poor boy.

(48) Please tell me the time and place of your birth.

(49) Please tell many stories of Jesus’ birth.

(50) I requested him to go to my place.

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