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Students of class 1st to 5th are in their best learning phase and thus should get involved in essays and speeches and much more to learn about a lot of things in their surroundings. When they learn about plants, animals and other things, they will inculcate the distinguishing and curiosity factor which will ultimate build a strong and knowledgeable child which will be ready to learn more and more. We here are providing 10-lines essay on various topics such as plants, animals____ and a lot of relatable topics so that your child will engage in learning.

With latest topics and essays, this page contains all the essays of 10-lines which you were searching for your child’s school project or homework. We’re here to make sure students of class 1st to 5th grade look forward to writing their own essays learning from the samples given here with great curiosity and enthusiasm. The content on the topics are given below and their 10-line essays are available there itself.

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77th Independence day


Famous Person




Special Days



Famous Places



10 Lines on Important Days

10 Lines in Dances

10 Lines in English

10 Lines on Glacier

10 lines on Mountains/Peaks

10 Lines on states and their traditional dress

Famous Entrepreneur


The above given topics will be provided with 10-lines essay for classes 1st to 5thsuitable for schools as well as home schooling your children. We make sure that the essays are written in simplest of the language, relatable to the school syllabus, adaptive for the student and easy to learn. With these features a lot of parents prefer our essays and reteach them to their children.


We are here to provide various types of 10-lines essay for the students of 1st to 5thgrade on recent topics with great language and amazing knowledge which will enhance your child’s thinking capabilities too. Visit us for more and more information and essays and speeches and much more.