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“On the Net Explanations, you can get free access to online study material for all the boards such as CBSE Board, ICSE Board, NCERT Board, NIOS Board, Maharashtra Board, Tamil Nadu Board, Chhattisgarh Board, Punjab Board, Assam Board, Karnataka Board, Kerala Board, Gujarat Board, Telangana Board, Tripura Board, Bihar Board, Rajasthan Board, Haryana Board, Odisha Board, Uttar Pradesh Board, Andhra Pradesh Board, Madhya Pradesh Board.

We have 60% of questions that are similar to exam questions. After a lot of research, the expert has designed the most useful questions for the preparations.”

Net Explanations is an online study source for many of you. We have prepared here the solutions for all the boards of India. You can easily access all the required material only by staying at home. Immensely talented subject experts have prepared these solutions for students who are studying in classes 1 to 12. After doing a lot of research, we have created this online study material in India. Our website provides notes, questions, answers, previous question papers, books, solutions for many textbooks, etc. We are providing well-structured solutions for all the classes. The study material is free of cost and easily affordable. Here, we encourage all the students to focus on each and every chapter. We also ensure the full proof clearness of the concept for students. Notes and exercises are shared on this website for grasping the toughest concepts. Additionally, the practice questions and answers are provided to promote the regular practice. All the study materials are prepared in an interactive manner. You can access them easily for better revision through our website. For those who are wishing to score high marks in the examinations, this is the right place to make your exam preparations strong. Different kinds of questions are also discussed in the solution for more focus. Before exams, we ensure that our students are fully prepared. At the very lowest cost, this is the best website for all students.

Knowing that time is very important for all of us, we have prepared precise solutions. You can easily search and access all the study materials just by clicking on the right links. This is the most recommended academic site on the online platform. Undoubtedly, you can invest your time here while preparing for the exams. For many years, our website working hard to provide learning methods and skills. We all are aiming to increase your performance on the report card.  We are also making effort to promote regular practice on essential topics. An interactive approach will definitely help you to understand concepts in a better way. If you wish to score maximum marks in the examination, then you need to practice daily on a specific subject. You can easily score high marks in the CBSE board exam and ICSE board exam by referring to this website. An effective learning resource has been developed by educators for the purpose of enhancing performance. ‘Net explanations’ is a powerful online study material source for students that provides no-cost learning for students’ exam preparation.

Net Explanation is the only place where you can get all the data related to the team syllabus. Free study material, notes, previous question papers, and solutions are provided for CBSE Board, ICSE Board, NCERT Board, NIOS Board, Maharashtra Board, Tamil Nadu Board, Chhattisgarh Board, Punjab Board, Assam Board, Karnataka Board, Kerala Board, Gujarat Board, Telangana Board, Tripura Board, Bihar Board, Rajasthan Board, Haryana Board, Odisha Board, Uttar Pradesh Board, Andhra Pradesh Board, Madhya Pradesh Board.  Net Explanation is the most reliable academic source for understanding concepts, mathematical problems, and question papers. Students can easily access free online study sources to grasp concepts. Our Net Explanations provides an accurate answer to all questions regarding each topic. Students can get high marks and can achieve the first rank in examinations with the help of Net Explanation.

Our experts have been working very hard on designing an effective study tool. A few minutes of revision before exams is said to be very helpful for many students. Students can also revise NCERT textbook solutions by using ‘’. While preparing for the exams, you can revise with our free question papers. The study material helps you in scoring high marks. Model activities have provided more understanding of the topic. Easy explanation of each topic provides accuracy while preparing for exams. Our website covers all the syllabus of the CBSE Board, ICSE Board, NCERT Board, NIOS Board, Maharashtra Board, Tamil Nadu Board, Chhattisgarh Board, Punjab Board, Assam Board, Karnataka Board, Kerala Board, Gujarat Board, Telangana Board, Tripura Board, Bihar Board, Rajasthan Board, Haryana Board, Odisha Board, Uttar Pradesh Board, Andhra Pradesh Board, and Madhya Pradesh Board. The Net Explanations study tool optimizes the efforts of teachers and students.

Learning Ways of Net Explanations

Enjoy a downloadable online study tool and access to study material for CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha. In addition, students can get study materials for classes 1 to Class 12. Also, you can get free NCERT textbooks and Solutions for various state boards. Free solved questions help you with exam preparations and competitive exams. You can grow your education by interacting with our Net Explanations academic solutions.

  • Question papers

You can get free sample question papers to utilize in your studies. Also, the previous year’s question papers are solved here with a point-to-point explanation. After referring to these study materials, you can get ideas about exam patterns.

  • Point to point Solutions

Point-to-point solutions for the books of R. S. Aggarwal, R.D. Sharma, Lakhmir Singh, ML Aggarwal, and Manjit Kaur are prepared. Questions from the CBSE textbook and ICSE textbook are solved in a step-by-step manner for more knowledge of the topic.

  • Extra Sample papers

Access the extra sample papers for each chapter, so that you can have a relaxed exam. The extra sample papers are solved with step-to-step explanations that will help you to score more marks in the examinations.

  • Score high marks

Give a chapter-wise test to analyze your exam preparations. You can also understand the exam pattern after practising test. A comparison of your test scores tells you where you stand in your exam preparations.

  • Doubts

Our experts are available for 24 hours to clear your doubts related to the syllabus. Not clearing doubts will lead to confusion about certain topics. You can get accurate answers to your questions by asking our team of experts.

What do you want to study?

CBSE Board

Get your free solutions for the CBSE board here. CBSE refers to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The Solutions for CBSE Board are designed to enhance the overall education of the students. As a result of the prescribed solution, students will be able to develop their skills. Our main focus is on the growth of students’ knowledge. Net Explanations offers the best study materials, so students will not have to go elsewhere. Questions and answers for each topic are specially prepared for the students. For understanding a particular topic, the solution follows a step-by-step approach. The right questions and answers will encourage students to study more.

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All the Solutions for CBSE board – Click Here

ICSE Board

Our experts have designed the solutions for the ICSE board in a straight forward manner that will assist students in scoring maximum marks. Our goal is to provide appropriate study material and solutions for various difficult topics. The following solutions for ICSE Board are designed with well-illustrated graphs to make learning straight forward. Our solutions for the ICSE board offer you the required elements in a logical order.

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All the Solutions for ICSE board – Click Here


Ace the Exam with good grades by using the ‘Solutions for NCERT Board’. The Net Explanation provides free-of-cost solutions to the students. The NCERT solutions help to build a strong foundation over all the chapters. The NCERT board exam is quite difficult to score. But, a Strong base over all the concepts can help you to score high marks. Students can get great help in securing good marks in the NCERT examinations. The Net Explanation is here for giving a chance to shine in the class. Students are advised to refer to solutions as they contain all the knowledge of the NCERT syllabus. You can also crack many examinations like JEE and NEET by referring to these solutions. These solutions not only help you clear the NCERT board exam but also will help to clear many competitive exams.

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NCERT Board –  Click Here

Maharashtra State Board

You can boost your confidence with the following solutions for subjects like History, math, English, Geography, etc. Solving these solutions can help students ace the main exams. While solving, you can also cross-check your answers with the provided solutions. Our subject experts have designed the Maharashtra Board Solutions for various classes to cover all the crucial topics for exam preparations. The provided solutions for Maharashtra State Board completely explains all the topics of the Maharashtra board syllabus. For more practice, solutions can assist in solving a large number of questions. You can also understand the exam pattern and concepts of the syllabus with these solutions. Remember the answers to different questions by using Net Explanations.

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MSBSHSE Board – Click Here

  • Maharashtra Board Class 12 Marathi Solution

Tamil Nadu State Board

Samacheer Kalvi solutions are highly recommended by the experts. With extra questions and reference materials, you can prepare for your examinations better. Most questions are identical to the questions of the examination so that students can achieve maximum marks in the examinations. ‘Tamil Nadu Board Solutions’ are one of the best ways to understand the syllabus. Our team has mainly focused on the grammar and writing sections. Both the grammar and writing sections will help students in scoring high marks. This Net Explanations website provides you with an easy way to learn science concepts. Different difficult questions are asked are solved to analyze the difficult levels of questions. Here, you can find answers to all the textbook questions for all the subjects.

Samacheer Kalvi all Updates – Click Here

Karnataka State Board

Have an effective learning experience with our ‘Solutions for Karnataka State Board’, at Net Explanations. A variety of questions are discussed for each chapter according to the syllabus. The exercises are prepared by highly knowledgeable experts. The chapter-wise solutions are prepared in a descriptive manner according to the latest syllabus. Explained questions are provided to help build strong conceptual knowledge. If you want to grasp subject-related knowledge in less time, then you must pay serious attention to the chapter-wise solutions. Before giving an examination, students need to have a clear understanding of the concepts. Our primary aim is to assist students in exam preparations. The most reliable solutions are provided here for the in-depth study of students.

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All the Solutions for Karnataka State board

KSEEB (Karnataka Board) – Click Here

Chhattisgarh State Board

Keep visiting our Net Explanations to study solutions for Chhattisgarh State Board. Here, you will get Sample questions with their answers on the basis of the textbook syllabus. Students can also refer to subject-wise solutions if the questions are difficult to solve. If you are unable to find out correct answers then also you can check our chapter-wise solution. Our solutions are interpreting information related to all subjects in an easier way so that you can learn them easily. Most questions are added from the textbooks for making your exam preparations strong. In order to make your learning easy and effective, practice regularly on the Solutions for Chhattisgarh State Board. This is one of the best study sources, which is available online for free.

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All the Solutions for Chhattisgarh State board – Click Here

Assam State Board

Our Solutions cover all the basic concepts to make your preparations easier. Basic concepts of textbooks play a significant role while preparing for the exams. The classes-wise solutions are readily prepared for effective learning. Our solutions provide an accurate answer to the questions of textbooks. These Solutions are the best practice material to start your preparations for Assam State Board. Important concepts of the textbook are explained to make your preparations process easier. The most complex topics from the textbooks are explained here in a better way. The problems of the respective subject are discussed in a better way for the students. Our solutions will help to develop a solid conceptual base for the exam preparations. Our experts recommend all the students start their exam preparations with the Solutions for Assam State board as it is a valuable study source.

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SEBA Board all Updates – Click Here

AHSEC Board all Notification – Click Here

Punjab State Board

At Net Explanations, the best study material is available for the students. Solutions for Punjab State Board provide the best knowledge about each and every subject. You can clear your doubts with ease along with your board preparations. Different types of questions are solved here for more practice. While preparing for the exams, students will find some questions easier or difficult. But, here all kinds of questions are solved so that students can prepare themselves appropriately. The separate exercises are designed in an organized way for the student’s easy preparation. The solutions are extremely helpful for the students as they cover all the syllabus of the Punjab State Board. Our solutions will definitely change your approach toward all the subjects and also it will make you realize the easiness of the subject.

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PSEB Board – Click Here

Haryana State Board

Let our ‘Solutions for Haryana State Board’ contribute to your academic year. Our solutions are described in an easy way to create intense interest in the subject. You can learn many ways to solve any problem of any subject. It is impossible for all the students to score good marks in the examinations, just by reading solutions. So, you need to keep your hands daily for the practice. Practice will help you to learn more as well as to score high marks in the examinations. You can also practice on any topic to improve your problem-solving solving skills. The solutions are prepared on the basis of the latest syllabus for accurate learning. Our subject experts have prepared the following solutions by keeping in mind the Haryana State Board syllabus.

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Telangana State Board

Here, you can develop strong memorizing tricks with the Solutions for Telangana State Board. Every student is different in their own way, some topics are easy for them to learn and some are not. So, the analysis before attending an exam is most important. Net Explanations is one of the best sources that provides practice questions and answers to analyze strong and weak topics. After practicing these solutions, you can remember the answers to the questions without making more effort. In addition, you need to focus on weak concepts if you want to score high marks in the examination. The complex topics are sometimes difficult to understand. But, the complex topics are explained in a simpler way for better understanding.  Knowing exams part plays an important in the academic year. In order to understand the exam patterns, our experts have designed practice sample papers.

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All the Solutions for Telangana SCERT

Tripura State Board

Proper study material like ‘Solutions for Tripura State Board’ can make your preparations strong and reliable. Before having final exams, you need to keep a list of all the important topics so that you can plan your studies accordingly. So, this will help you to remember the origin of the chapter and also avoid confusion. To know your weak topics, you must practice the chapter-wise solution. After practicing on each chapter, you will understand your strengthen topics. Your strong topics can help you to improve your performance in the examination. As a part of this, the solutions include many extra questions that focus on exams. From the examination point of view, all the solutions contain difficult questions from the textbook. You can give a test on the following exercises and analyze your preparations. In this way, you can spend more time with the concepts of solutions.

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TBSE Board all Notification – Click Here

Rajasthan State Board

Multiple ways of solving questions are essential to tackle different kinds of questions. The solutions for the Rajasthan State board are planned properly according to the student’s understanding. Using these solutions can help students in making their preparations much easier. The solutions not only help in the exam preparations but also help to do the homework properly. Students can also try to solve questions on their own, this will help you to strengthen their solving skills. There is no need to approach a teacher with your doubts when you have NetExplanations with you. You can even try to understand the concepts with their practical application. In this way, you can easily remember your concepts. Furthermore, the following solutions are answered in a much deeper way for easy understanding.

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All the Solutions for Rajasthan State board

RBSE Board all Update Notification – Click Here

Bihar State Board

Get smooth access to solutions for a better approach, at the solutions for Bihar State Board. The classes-wise solutions contain complete answers to all the questions in textbooks. The well-organized solutions will bring a logical approach to students. The topics are explained in-depth so that the students can get clarity on strong topics. The below solutions can also develop rational thinking in students. Students are recommended to solve all the exercises for better analysis of the topic. Extensive research is done by our subject matter experts before developing this kind of easy solution. Our strongly explained solutions can help students to be a scholar among all the students. We strongly believe that our solutions are the main study source for academic exams.

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All the Solutions for Bihar State board

Bihar Board – Click Here

West Bengal State Board

Knowing the concepts of the different subjects will be helpful for many students. Here, all the chapters of the respective subjects are closely described at Net Explanations. The topics of each chapter are prepared in a very simplistic way. Also, the exercises in each chapter are explained in a precise manner for the students. You can become a master of all the subjects by practicing on different questions. The questions are solved accurately in the following solutions for West Bengal State Board. Our team has prepared the solutions in a step-to-step manner for effortless understanding. The chapter-wise solutions deliver an accurate answer to the textbook questions. By understanding each and every topic, students can avoid future troubles.

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All the Solutions for West Bengal State board

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Uttar Pradesh State Board

Make your learning easier with the help of Solutions for the Uttar Pradesh State Board. A large number of concepts are explained in a clear way to students. The solutions include both easy and hard questions for better practice. Our solutions provide you with the essential practice and understanding of the concepts for the preparations. This will help students to understand questions even better. Students who are studying at the Uttar Pradesh State board should refer to our solutions for preparations. The solutions are solved in an easy way which will help you to grasp concepts with ease. All the topics of the textbook are explained here in detail. These sources will explain key concepts in a descriptive manner for better comprehension. If you are not practicing well then you cannot increase your scores. You should study hard to get high marks in the examinations.

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All the Solutions for Uttar Pradesh State board

Andhra Pradesh State Board

Precisely and simply explained concepts are designed here by our experts. For effective learning, the concepts of the syllabus are explained in a very simple language. These classes-wise solutions are the best study materials for quick understanding. Appropriate study material can add more to your self-confidence. Our subject matter experts have compiled all the required concepts for easy understanding. The solutions provide alternative methods of solving questions that will help to save a lot of time while preparing for the exams. You can fetch excellent marks in the examination by using Solutions for Andhra Pradesh State Board. You can practice solutions regularly instead of handling pressure the night before exams. Regular revision is the only one way to keep remembering the concepts of the respective subject. Solving the following solution will help you to retain and strengthen your concepts.

Click below link to know all the solutions for textbook questions

All the Solutions for Andhra Pradesh State board

BSE Odisha Board Solutions

Here, the BSE Odisha board solutions include answers to all the questions. Students need solutions to find out the right answers to problems. But, even they face difficulties due to undetailed explanations. On this page, you will not find any difficulties while solving the questions as our experts have prepared these answers in easy language. To make your exam preparations better. The BSE Odisha state board solutions have included most of the questions from the textbook. We know that every year a large number of students attend board exams for classes 10 and 12. Obtaining maximum marks in exams is not as easy as we think. You need to refer to well-organized solutions to opt highest marks in the same. An in-depth knowledge of each subject is prepared here for the students. Also, the solutions will help you to understand the problem in an easy manner. At Netexplanations, the core concepts of all the topics are explained in an easy format. If any student is looking to strengthen their knowledge, then they must use the Odisha board solution, especially for classes 9 & 10.  These solutions are created in a class-wise manner so that you can access them with one click. All the class-wise solutions are prepared according to the syllabus of the Odisha board. And, you can easily understand the topics of it by referring to these answers. Moreover, we have provided the BSE Odisha board Solutions PDF format in this article. The step-by-step guide for all the textbook-related questions is provided below. You can click on the below links to understand the concepts and theory of the textbook.

BSE Odisha 10th English Questions Answer Solution

BSE Odisha 10th English Grammar Questions Answer Solution

BSE Odisha 9th English Questions Answer Solution

BSE Odisha 9th English Grammar Questions Answer Solution

BSE Odisha 6th English Questions Answer Solution

Odisha board class 6 Science Solution (Bengali)

BSE Odisha 7th English Questions Answer Solution

BSE Odisha 8th English Questions Answer Solution

JKBOSE Jammu and Kashmir Board Solutions

In this article, JKBOSE Jammu and Kashmir board solutions for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are prepared by the experts accurately. Where, you will get easy solutions for all the problems of English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Science, and many more subjects. The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education or JKBOSE is the main board that conducts the school exams in Jammu and Kashmir. The syllabus of this board is very vast. So, you all need to prepare well for the board exams. The JKBOSE Jammu and Kashmir Board Solutions for classes 10 and 12 will shortly available here. As we know, these are the most important classes of all. And, it is very important for you to complete the studies before the main exam. Our solutions will help every student to gain speed and develop problem skills. A detailed solution for the textbook questions is also provided here. Students can refer to them to make a strong conceptual base over the subjects. All the concepts of the textbook are covered in the JKBOSE or Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education solutions more effectively. With these solutions, you can score good marks in the board exams. Additionally, the PDF of JKBOSE solutions is available here. All the students can download them to study in a much better way. The class-wise solution for every subject is explained in detail below. Students can have a look at them to prepare answers and important formulas for the exam. You can use the below links tolook into the solutions.

JKBOSE Class 5 English Solution

JKBOSE Class 6 English Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Solution

NIOS Board Solution

Our website has NIOS board solutions for all students who are studying under this board. Among all the subjects, most of the students feel science, maths, and economics are the most challenging ones. But, you don’t need to worry because we have easy solutions. Using NIOS solutions, students can cover the textbook syllabus in less time. Our subject experts are aware of the vast syllabus and complex concepts. So they have come up with an easy, detailed, and clear solution. All questions of these solutions are explained step-by-step in the PDF. This can help students in preparing for the exam. The NIOS board solutions PDF is of great value to students, as it helps students in solving complex problems. Furthermore, the solutions are extremely helpful as they serve as a foundation for upcoming classes. Students can learn to solve any question correctly with these resources. To grasp essential concepts, students can practice more questions and answers. This way they can easily evaluate their level of preparation. The board solutions practice can help you to a great extent. So, you must go through the following links to download the NIOS board solutions PDF. We advise all students to use these solutions to ace their board examinations.

NIOS Class 10 English Solution

NIOS Class 10 Science Solution

NIOS Class 10 Social Science Solution

NIOS Solution Class 10 Science (Science & Technology)

NIOS Solution Class 10 Social Science

DAV Board Solution

Get DAV book solutions for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 on this page. Maybe students of DAV schools are looking for DAV board solutions to prepare for the examination. We have covered all the textbook topics of the respective subjects in these solutions. Netexplanation’s DAV solutions are something that will completely guide you till the end of the exam. Students can increase their knowledge of any subject by utilizing our study materials. Additionally, the DAV board solution PDF is provided by our subject matter experts for students. They have prepared this solution considering the exam pattern to help you score better. The class-wise solutions for all subjects are also given at Netexplanations. The subject chapters of solutions are very useful for all class students to solve complex questions. Students can solve these solutions to clear their all doubts. Our solutions will help you to learn all the concepts very quickly. In this section, we have provided direct links to DAV school or board solutions PDF. Students can click on the links to download the PDF for free of cost. Go through it once after downloading it to score maximum marks in the exam.

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  • Learning through sample question papers


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Get your preparations done with our free textbook solutions for the CBSE board, ICSE board, Maharashtra board, Tamil Nadu board, and more. You can take a test on sample question papers, previous year question papers, and extra solved questions. Analyze your conceptual skills with the Net Explanations.

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